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Back in Andrew's room, Hahn is being snotty and condescending while Cristina does work. Down at his legs, Callie is calling out that each time more concrete is lifting off, his pressure is going up. When Hahn goes down and reaches around Callie for something, Mark makes a saucy comment about loving Twister while Callie glares at him. Cristina finishes getting something into his chest but Hahn snaps that she's not to sew it in until Hahn can check her work. For the first time in forever, though, Richard takes note of this and maybe starts to see what a horrifically selfish and bitchy not-teacher his head of cardio is. Just then, Callie yells that she has to release the pressure in his leg, and slices in as Richard tells Andrew he probably won't feel a thing. I expected a horrific yell at this point, but it seems he really didn't actually feel a thing.

Lexie sneaks a look down the hallway in front of the Chief's office but she's startled by Izzie and really clumsily thinks to ask her, "What's going down?" It's as uncomfortable a delivery as it sounds. Izzie bitches about Cristina taking Andrew with the Sparkle Pager and Alex not answering the phone. She then leaves an irate voicemail and moans, "The things we do for love!" She walks off and Lexie breathes a sigh of relief as she agrees.

Derek and Mere walk in to check on their patients and ask how it went, and while Beth blushes and tries to look for words, Jeremy tells them sincerely that it was amazing, and thanks them. Ah, the magic of TV, when one's first time really is amazing and perfect. But, whatever, the tumor patients are happy and ready to have their heads cut open. Derek tells Jeremy that it's time to take him to surgery, and after a moment to absorb it, Jeremy tells Beth that he'll see her after. Mere cuts in and smoothly tells him that she's not sure he'll be awake yet when Beth goes in for hers -- a nice way to get them to really say what each other has to say. He repeats that he'll see her afterward and kisses her but after a moment she pulls him back and asks what if they die? Jeremy tells her that they won't, but she pulls him in to tell him, through tears, that he changed her life and filled it with joy, and if she dies... he cuts in and says she doesn't dare die, because he's not finished loving her. These two really sell it, cheese and all, and after they kiss Beth sends him off to "get his head chopped open." After he leaves she turns to Derek and orders, "Do not kill him."

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