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Derek prepares the virus and seems to be extra on-edge this time, but Mere asks him if he can feel, "the majesty of lifesaving." He wonders when she became an optimist but she answers by mentioning that he's selling the land. He says he's trying to move forward and she counters, "So am I," as Rose turns around with a worried glance.

George opens a door and when a voice asks who's there, he says that it's George O'Malley and asks, "I was paged to the supply closet?" He realizes that it's Lexie that called out and walks in to find out what's going on -- to find her sitting on the floor, surrounded by files. He's completely horrified as she says, "I couldn't help it! I had to know, and then once I knew, I KNEW." He drops to the floor and tries to gather them together to get them back while Lexie babbles that it doesn't matter, because she's read them all already and she also has a photographic memory, so the info is all stuck in her head. I'd argue that it in fact really does matter so that she's not kicked out of the program for stealing confidential files, but then again if you can stay in the program after cutting a patient's LVAD wire to basically steal a donor heart, you can do anything here. She tells him that she read his file and he tries to tell her he doesn't know, but she talks over him and tells him he failed the intern exam by a single point. He looks like a deer in the headlights after getting that info.

The surgeons are all taking a break in the hallway, having sodas and watching as the firemen keep chipping away at the concrete. Callie joins them and announces that the OR is standing by while Bailey stares into the room, but with her same blank stare from earlier. Cristina asks her what it is but she doesn't know exactly, just that they're missing something. She chants through everything they've done, while the others all watch her. She then drops her drink and announces that it's his bladder. They've been hydrating him constantly for over four hours, and Hahn jumps in to say they need to get a catheter in him. Otherwise, his bladder will explode and they will have accidentally killed him while trying to save his life.

Alex is chopping tomatoes for sandwiches while Ava watches him with her eerie blank stare. She finally mumbles a request for mayo, which he announces is a good thing, because that means she's hungry. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Alex. His phone rings and he goes into the hallway to talk to Izzie. He gets mad when she asks how Ava is doing and questions if she's eating, if Alex has called her husband, and the like. She tells him not to get mad that she cares, but he calls it "butting in." I'd call it a little of both, but as she's the only one facing the fact that Ava needs medical attention, she's more in the right than not. Alex begins to yell that Izzie can show she cares by covering for him at work, not by calling him and checking in every hour, but his rant is interrupted by a noise from the kitchen. All Izzie hears is Alex beginning to yell Ava's name.

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