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And in Derek and Mere's trial, Jeremy has passed away. Derek angrily calls time of death and pulls off his cap and storms away.

At the house, Alex walks back into the kitchen and then screams Ava's name and runs towards where she was sitting.

Derek and Mere go into Beth's room where she's waiting with her parents, and the look on their faces tells her everything. She puts up her hand and tells them not to say anything.

In Meredith's kitchen, Ava's hand falls, and she drops the bloodied kitchen knife onto the counter into puddles of her own blood while Izzie calls into the phone asking Alex if everything is okay.

Meredith tells Beth she's sorry, but Beth angrily tells them not to say anything. She then begins chanting that like a mantra, getting more and more upset, as her mom takes her and holds her. Derek then goes to the fridge, grabs the bottle of champagne, and hurls it into the trash can. The fridge door then slams closed on the first half of this season finale.

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