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Callie's saddled with the delightful job of talking to the yahoos who dared the kid (Andrew) to lie down in wet concrete. They're all doing an excellent job of acting like teenage douchebags. Callie doesn't hide her disgust as she listens to them laugh about how they never expected him to really do it. When Callie calls him their friend, the one girl is quick to say that they aren't friends with Andrew, they're just friends with each other. She has the nerve to say that nobody made him do it. "You make it sound like we did something wrong." She tries hard and only sort of keeps her composure as she asks how long he was lying there, yelling that he couldn't move, before they called the police? They all just look at their shoes.

Andrew is also trying to keep his cool, but it's hard when Bailey just keeps looking him over, feeling the concrete, and says nothing. She also has no answer for the fireman asking what she wants them to do. She yells at him, "I don't know!" which sends Andrew over the edge and he starts to cry. This part could have come off whinier -- and it's almost hard to take it seriously because it's such a stunt trauma for the finale -- but this kid really sells it and he's breaking my heart. Bailey notices this and clearly feels horrible -- she tells him she knows she hasn't done a good job instilling confidence in him but that she's going to work with the other doctors to figure out a plan. She even goes so far as to break a personal rule of hers, and she promises the 19-year-old that they'll get him out and he'll be okay. First, she tells him the concrete is leeching water from his body so he can't afford to cry and lose any more liquids.

It's teen central in the hospital today. Mere and Derek's patient is helped by her parents into her bed -- turns out her right arm and her legs don't really work because of her tumor. The girl, Beth, and Mere have already met and Mere tells Derek she has a name for him: The Seattle Grace Brain Butcher. Her parents are aghast, but it shows she's a fun, cheeky patient, which is a rather nice change. They ask Derek about the procedure and the virus, first if it's safe, and then if anyone has survived the surgery before. Meredith is the one to speak up and give them an honest "No." Beth calls herself a lab rat, to her parents' horror, but she seems kind of tickled by it, saying it will be cool if her name goes down in medical history if the surgery works. A voice from the door says, "Not if I beat you to it!" Mere introduces their other clinical trial patient but Beth happily breathes, "Jeremy!" Mere's surprised that they know each other but everyone is even more surprised when they start making out, no one more than her parents.

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