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Out in the hall, they realize that Jeremy is how Beth found out about the trial. The two went through treatment at Mayo together, and were also in a support group there. They explain that they like Jeremy, but that they're worried because Beth says she's in love with him. They're afraid now that if Jeremy doesn't survive, Beth won't want to live and won't fight to stay alive through surgery.

Richard sends George to go to his office and see if there are any toxicology articles specifically about concrete. He also tells George that he needs to speak to either Mere or Derek as soon as he can. He then walks into Andrew's room and after a second of marveling at the sight of him, realizes that the only people in the room with them are the firefighters and demands to know why they're doing nothing. They explain that they haven't been given any directions yet, and Richard looks through a window to the next room. It's as loud inside as it was quiet in Andrew's room as each of the surgeons argues about their own aspect of Andrew's treatment. Cristina explains each of these things to a furious Richard. No one can agree on where to start, and Richard doesn't seem to have an answer as they all start yelling again.

While George is looking for articles, he notices a drawer named "Resident's Files." Nice misused apostrophe, there. Inside he finds... Richard's unfinished novel! Well, actually he finds the residents' files. George gazes on them and then slams shut the drawer and runs out before he can succumb to temptation.

Aaaand we're back to the yelling. It's not worth it to specifically go through each argument, but basically the concrete is contracting, crushing his limbs. There's some issue with his liver. The concrete has caused third degree burns where it's touching his skin. And on top of all of this, once they get the concrete off of him and his circulation comes back, the toxins that have built in his blood will rush to his heart and could kill him. Cristina throws in a possible solution but Hahn just snaps at her to let them work. George then runs in and starts to speak, but they all begin arguing over him until Richard again shuts them up and fills us all in on the timeline. The teens didn't call 911 until Andrew had been in the concrete for an hour, and it then took three hours for him to be cut out. So they're left with 4-6 hours max to get him out and into surgery. He orders them to work as a team so he doesn't die. George asks where he should be and the Chief sends him off to work with Meredith for the day since there are already too many cooks in the kitchen.

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