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An arm reaches out of a hospital room and grabs the wall, followed by the rest of Beth as she tries, with her failing limbs, to drag herself to Jeremy's room. Mere and Derek are going over things, and Mere rather shakily answers Derek that yes, the Chief signed off on their plan -- fortunately for her any weirdness is immediately forgotten as they see what Beth is doing and they run to her aid. She explains that her parents both went out, and in the absence of a wheelchair, she just wants to see Jeremy. She pleads, crying, that she needs to visit him, since she can't have the seizure be the last time she sees him.

Meredith and Beth are looking in the mirror -- I'd assume this would be something for her to use to shave her head for brain surgery, but since we've never seen that happen yet, why start now? It looks like Mere is helping her get her hair back to looking nice after her struggle. Beth asks them if she'll get to really be alone with Jeremy and explains that they haven't "done it" yet because they wanted to be tumor free, but now they've realized that might not be such a sure thing. She asks if it will kill them, and Derek assures her it won't. There's some awkwardness as she asks them how it is and they confirm that it can be magical with the right person.

Back at the House for Wayward Orphans and Head Cases, Ava's taking a shower and Alex realizes she's not carrying her side of their conversation. He goes in and finds her sitting down and shivering in the water, repeating over and over how she doesn't understand, and that she really was pregnant. He jumps in and sits on the ledge while he holds her shoulders and tells her everything will be okay. Yet of course this doesn't mean getting professional help -- Alex will just somehow save the day, and this behavior is nothing to get too worked up about. At least that's how he seems to be treating it.

Jeremy and Beth are ALONE alone and start to make out and work their hospital gowns off while outside, Derek and Mere stand sentry at the door. Derek points out that he's never before gotten a patient laid, and that they're total pimps. But they both think it's rather sweet, and naturally this turns to a conversation about relationships -- Mere thinks they're in the fun and new stage, but Derek replies that he prefers the time after that, when you really know someone. (Thunk! Goes the anvil.) Beth's parents walk up in a panic since they found her missing, and Derek jumps to block the window in the door while Meredith makes up that they sent her down for an MRI. Once she's calmed them down, she steers them away to fill out paperwork while Derek hangs out until the kids are finished.

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