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We pick back up just after where we left off: Alex is running Ava, who really looks kind of dragged along and not entirely concerned with what's up, into the ER. Izzie's been waiting and asks what happened (though the fact that both of her wrists are wrapped is kind of a giveaway) but Alex pointedly only gives her a list of supplies that he needs. He finally says that she cuts herself and adds that it was an accident, but Izzie picks up Ava's hand and sees what's up and sadly moans, "Alex." He just tells her he'll take care of it, and pulls the curtain between them.

Derek, meanwhile, seems to have been broken by Jeremy's death. He tells Beth and her parents that he totally understands if she doesn't want to go through with it, but Meredith counters each of his statements, explaining that they learned from Jeremy and will adjust the viral cocktail. Derek only stresses, "We have not yet had a positive outcome." Beth's mom says that she wants to take her home, and Derek concedes immediately. But on the bed in between them, Beth tells them that she wants the surgery. Her mom thinks it's the grief talking, but Meredith takes the opening to tell them that there are no other trials, therefore no other answers, and that Dr. Shepherd has worked very hard on this. Derek actually cuts her off warningly at this point. Beth's dad tells her that they don't want her to die so she can be with Jeremy, but Beth points out, quite reasonably, that she's going to die anyway in a matter of days or weeks. Her mom, crying, tells her they don't want to lose her. Beth is determined and says that they won't, that she's not finished. She also tells them that Jeremy would be mad at her for not giving up, and looks right at Derek and tells him to do the surgery today. He won't look her in the eyes, but glances at Meredith before giving the absolute tiniest of nods.

Callie shuffles into the waiting room and over the din of the boys smacking each other, laughing, and generally acting like teenage imbeciles tells Lola that Andrew is asking for her and asks her to come see him. Lola gets up and asks Callie if he's okay, and she barely hides her contempt as she points out that he's trapped in a block of concrete so... no, not really okay at all. Lola stares at her silently and Callie realizes that she actually cares about Andrew. She quietly says that despite what she said earlier, he's her friend. Callie suggests it's more than that and that Lola is just too scared to admit it. At this point, two of the guys, sharing iPod headphones, start making kissing noises. I get that we need to see that Lola's trying to be a cool kid and this shows her struggle, but in all honesty I have no idea why these other three guys are still there. I would think that in real life, once they were questioned they'd be long gone. But lucky for us, we get to watch them and thank God we're not teenagers anymore and that we don't have to deal with quite this level of stupidity in the opposite sex. Well, maybe that's just my own personal thanks. Callie yells at them that he's in pain, and more quietly tells Lola that he's scared and needs someone to hold his hand. As the boys behind her start taunting, Callie tells her that they don't matter, but that Andrew does. Lola, however, thinks and then sets her jaw and defiantly says she can't help him. Disgusted, Callie informs her that she's going to hate herself for this, and that she'll be right to do so.

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