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She busts into Dr. Amy's office who just orders, "Tell me." Breathlessly, Meredith explains that Ellis was a brilliant surgeon, and that she clearly didn't want to actually die because if she did, she'd know to slice her carotid artery, which would take only seconds to snuff her out. Meredith triumphantly repeats that she was an excellent, gifted, extraordinary surgeon. "She didn't want to die." Dr. Amy asks what she did want, and Meredith answers without hesitation that she wanted Richard to come back. And why didn't he, Dr. Amy questions? He didn't because he never knew that it happened, and Ellis was too stubborn to ask. Dr. Amy asks her what that means, and Meredith answers, "Well, that part I don't know. Could you just tell me that part for once?" Happily, Dr. Amy tells her that she can. She explains that Meredith is a gifted, extraordinary surgeon like her mother was, but with the added gift of being able to learn from her mistakes. There's a long shot of Meredith and she thinks a moment before she realizes, "She wasn't talking about surgery." Pleased, Dr. Amy agrees that she wasn't. Mere repeats, stunned, "She wasn't talking about surgery at all."

Andrew wakes up from his surgery to see Bailey smiling at him. She asks, "Well, do I or do I not keep my promises?" He agrees, and then she asks him if he remembers what she said about the bigger picture. With that, she turns to the door. Lola is there in a surgical gown. She looks really worried once she sees him, but comes forward and takes his hand and strokes his hair. With that, she leans forward and kisses him. I'm sure when he thought about his first kiss, it totally involved two surgeons watching proudly from the doorway. Callie smiles and comments that he's been waiting for that his whole life, to which Bailey agrees.

Lexie gets in the elevator and sees Alex there, but doesn't notice that he's more slumped over and sullen than usual. With her back to him she declares, "I know you have two balls. And you better hope I never tell the Chief." Well, and if Alex asks how you know this important trivia, you'd better hope he doesn't tell the Chief you stole confidential files. Alex doesn't respond, though, and she turns and realizes that he's a mess. It takes her a couple of tries to even get his attention, but when she asks how he's doing he gets off without saying a word.

Meredith is examining Beth's scans when Rose comes in, and Mere explains that one is from two days ago, and one is from today. She asks Rose to get her the calipers; once she measures them both she delightedly exclaims that the new one is smaller. Both women are really excited as Mere exclaims that the virus is doing its job. She then tells Rose that she should let Derek know, but Rose tells Mere that she should be the one to do it, that it's the kind of thing Derek would want to hear from her. Yeah, and let's hope that it would be followed by a really groveling apology for his behavior earlier. Rose turns to leave and Mere calls after her, but Rose just says, sincerely but with the tiniest hint of sadness, "Congratulations on your major medical breakthrough. It's the stuff of legends."

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