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Back in the Chief's office, George is obsessively looking at the files, fretting that they don't look like they did before. Lexie's got diarrhea of the mouth, though, and just spews everything she learned. Cristina is dyslexic (really?!) but got straight A's in med school, she has a PhD, and she got eight letters of recommendation. Izzie went to school at night, so it took her six years to finish. She worked as a candy striper, and patients wrote her letters of recommendation. George turns and whispers that they need to get out before they get caught, but because he's George, as he picks up his stack of charts he knocks an entire bowl of candies to the floor. As they pick them up, Lexie continues and tells him that Alex wrote an essay about his grades not being great because of his testicular cancer. George is distracted enough by this to hit his head on the desk, so Lexie spits that she's seen him naked and he surely has two balls. "Two mangerines, George, two pouch potatoes." Is that what the kids these days are calling them? Because if so, I give you a slow clap for making me bust out laughing at the newfangled slang. George begs her to stop telling him things he doesn't want to know, but instead of doing so she focuses on the one point and asks how they could possibly have kept him back for one measly point? George yells at her to forget about it, but she references the photographic memory and tells him she can't.

Derek and Mere are in the hallway, but she has to jog to keep up with him because the high horse he's riding gives him the advantage of speed. She assures him that they'll get it right with Beth, but he just demands to know why it is that she pushed the surgery after Beth just lost the love of her life. Mere questions how he could encourage her not to do it. But Derek's clearly been building this up, and he's ready to have his say. He tells Mere that her ego is the problem, not his. He tells her that she backed him into a corner, and calls Beth a kid. Mere points out that she'll die without the surgery, but Derek says she'll die with it. "That's what you and I do together. We kill things. Over and over and over again." God, Derek, why don't you be a little bit more dramatic and vengeful? He tells her that now they're going to kill a 13th person, and that after they do that he never wants to see Meredith again.

Richard tells Andrew that they're ready to begin. (A new procedure? Dancing on the ceiling? Acting like professionals? Begin what?) Andrew asks about Lola and Callie lies really badly that she couldn't find her. Bailey announces it's time to put in the catheter. Now hang on a second -- that's what he wanted Lola there for? I so understand being in pain and needing a hand to hold but that's probably the one procedure I'd not ask my crush to be in the room to witness. Richard tells him he'll feel some pressure (doctor code for "pain") but Andrew is distracted a little bit because he's busy ranting about Lola -- he's figured out she really just didn't want to come. Apparently, she actually liked hanging out with Andrew, and on one occasion they almost kissed, but he chickened out. Callie gently says maybe he doesn't need to be kissing her (she's taken the job of holding Andrew's hand and is really being generally awesome to him), but he asserts that kissing Lola is his life's purpose.

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