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Richard then breaks in to say that they're about to lift off the last piece of concrete, and Andrew is relieved that the hard part is over. But the looks on the doctors' faces and the fact that they're prepping all sorts of supplies tell him that it's not going to be as great as he thinks. Bailey gently tells him that when they take off the concrete, the toxins that have built up in his body will rush to his heart and probably stop it. As she explains the details, he starts to freak out, but she assures him that they're good at their jobs, and that they'll re-start his heart and take care of him. "Just, if you see the warm welcoming light? Do not go into it." Andrew's panicking but they just rip off the band-aid (so to speak) by counting to three and lifting off the slab. Sure enough, he goes down. They get him onto a gurney and get to work immediately.

Mere is in Dr. Amy's office -- I'm not quite sure, throughout the two episodes, if this is all in one meeting or if it's a couple, and I can't tell when they take place over the course of the day. I suspect it's at least a couple of separate conversations given that I know Meredith thinks about some things. For instance, right now she's demanding to know why Dr. Amy is so sure her mother didn't want to die, so Dr. Amy asks exactly what her mom said when they were sitting together in her blood. Mere thinks a moment and says that Ellis said she had failed, but that Mere should be extraordinary, and that she shouldn't depend on anyone. Amy stares at her and Mere remembers the exact quote, "Be an extraordinary woman, Meredith." Dr. Amy points out that then Mere became a surgeon, just like her mom. Over Mere's protestations she tells her that she has all of the tools to figure this out for herself, and promises that when she does, she'll be glad. Mere is clearly frustrated but it's nice to see her not just run yet again now that therapy has gotten kind of hard.

Some whiny guy music starts up over Meredith thinking, and then we cut to Derek who is looking at something presumably brain-surgery-related. He gets angry and knocks his papers across the room. It's all very stupid and macho. In another room, Lexie complains that her head is exploding but George just tells her quietly to make it unexploded. She pauses, and then asks incredulously if he's mad at her. He tells her he's not, but she won't let it go and protests that she did him a favor. Very calmly, he tells her she absolutely didn't. He only showed him that he's still George, The Almost Guy. He would have been okay if he'd failed by 50 points, but one point only tells him that he had it in his grasp but couldn't do it. He didn't want to know that, didn't want to think about how checking a single wrong answer kept him from "freedom" and now he's busting his ass to make up for a single missing point. "You didn't do me a favor. Don't kid yourself." She tries to make it better and self-consciously tells him that at least now he knows he has what it takes, but he'll only give her a clipped agreement.

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