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Bailey comes out of Andrew's surgery where Izzie is waiting to ask her a question. "I'm covered in blood. Talk fast." Izzie tells her that Alex brought Ava in after she hurt herself, but that now he wants to take her home. Bailey stares and asks, "And?" Izzie shouts that Ava needs to be admitted and have a psych consult. Bailey: "And?" Izzie whines and asks Bailey to do her job. Ooooh, no she didn't! Bailey sputters and then gets control to tell her that she's saving a man's life, which is her job as a surgeon, she took her son to daycare earlier, which is her job as a mother, and now she's asking Izzie what Izzie is going to do about Izzie's patient, which is her job as Chief Resident. She then tells Izzie to do her job. Finally! Four years and someone finally says those sweet words to Dr. Stevens. Iz is on the verge of tears and insists she doesn't know what to do, and Bailey practically throws up her hands. She reminds Izzie that she's the doctor and Alex is the loved one in this situation, and that she knows full well what she needs to do. "It's just hard to do it!" Izzie says that she'll try, but Bailey corrects that she doesn't need to try. She's a doctor trained by Bailey, and she has all the skills she needs to do this. Maybe she and Mere should just exchange homework, since they've just been told the very same thing. She leaves, and Bailey nods to herself and says, "Each one, teach one," before heading back in.

Bailey runs back in and Richard reports that Mark, Callie and Hahn are all done so it's now their turn. Cristina reports that a vein was repaired and blood flow is good to his liver, then pauses and quickly asks, "Right, Chief?" He agrees and compliments her. Naturally, then, alarms all start wailing.

Beth is being wheeled into her surgery while Derek angrily watches from behind a door. Behind him, artfully posed so we can see her through the tiny window, she tells him tentatively that she liked it better when he was saying boring medical stuff. He only lets out a small chuckle in response. She watches, clearly worried, and he finally says quietly that he's never good enough, no matter what he says or does, and that he never wanted to do the clinical trial which is now making him a failure. "I fail her over, and over, and over." She corrects him, saying that he fails "them," but she's got a lump in her throat and she and he and everyone in the entire world knows he really did mean what he said. She leaves, and he heaves a sad, righteous sigh.

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