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Andrew's problem turns out to be a massive clot in his pulmonary artery, and Richard calls for Hahn. Cristina is doing compressions and tells him urgently that she knows how to do the procedure -- she did it with Burke -- and that she can do it now. If they wait, he'll potentially lose too much blood to his brain. Bailey reminds them that she promised Andrew he would live, so Richard tells her to take over CPR, and tells Cristina that he's there if he needs her. So... does this mean that if Bailey hadn't promised him life, they'd just casually risk the brain damage? Thank goodness for that promise! She gets to work immediately.

In the other OR, Derek finally makes his appearance. He sits down next to Beth and repeats that she doesn't have to do this. Dear God, Derek, sack up and be a fucking brilliant neurosurgeon -- especially since at other times you're always so quick to brag about it! She teases him and asks if he's scared, and he tells her yes. She tells him that she is, too, "So let's just leap, okay?" He nods okay and actually gives her a genuine smile, and they lower the mask over her face.

The alarms are still beeping in Andrew's OR when Hahn comes in demanding to know what happened. Richard tells her and she explodes with anger, not able to believe he'd have Cristina do it. Richard points out, "She's a bit of a cardiac savant, if you hadn't noticed." Hahn then starts to point out mistakes Cristina is making, but Cristina counters each one -- there's a logical reason she made every choice that she did, and it clearly infuriates Hahn. Hahn says she'll do it herself and asks for a gown, and Cristina finally snaps, "Shut up and let me work." Man, that was refreshing, holy crap. Hahn couldn't be more one-note if she was a broken harmonica, and she sounds just about as annoying. Hahn, shocked, looks to Richard for backup, but he only tells her to let Cristina work.

Richard comes out of Andrew's surgery to gaze at the surgical board and is shocked to see the two brain surgeries scheduled. Rose tells him that they lost the first one but the second... but he cuts her off to angrily say he told them only one surgery. Rose tells him that Mere said she cleared it with him, but tries to backtrack when she sees his reaction, saying she might be mistaken. He ominously tells her, "I don't think you are."

Beth is out of surgery, and so far is holding steady. Meredith points out to Derek that she's still alive, but he's not having any optimism and mutters, "For how long?" Sheesh, I'm surprised he didn't smother her with a pillow himself just so he could roll around in his depressed, self-righteous funk some more. He then dismisses Meredith and says he'll stay with Beth.

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