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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, George's dad was admitted for surgery, and George wanted Burke to be his surgeon, which made Cristina tense. We met Dr. Hahn. Adele wanted the Chief to retire, Derek and Meredith were having bubble bath time but no sex, Cristina was denying that Burke has a problem but George saw his tremor, Callie slept with Sloane and confided (sort of) in Meredith, Cristina reiterated to George that everything will be fine with his dad but later told Burke that "George knows." Seriously, if these get any longer they're going to have to double the length of each episode, not just add ten minutes on holidays.

The episode starts with the sound of a heartbeat, then a flash to white, then a horrified-looking Cristina. Things must be in chaos, since she's got voice-over duties this week. "As doctors, we know everybody's secrets. Their medical histories, sexual histories, confidential information that is as essential to a surgeon as a ten blade." Over her voice are flashes of her and Burke having hot sex, but then another flash and the camera pulls back to Present Cristina, showing her covered in blood. "And every bit as dangerous. We keep secrets. We have to. But not all secrets can be kept." The heartbeat is building, the scenes are flashing faster and faster into a muddle, and finally she begins to sprint down the hall as a beeping machine joins in with the heartbeat. The scenery then rewinds to a shot of Seattle.

Derek and Meredith are hanging out in bed, and he does a crossword while she's munching on dry cereal. He comments, "Oh, this is good. No sex, crossword puzzles... When's the knitting start?" Jovial, hanging out, sexually frustrated Derek is SO CUTE. I want him doing crossword puzzles in my bed, and I actually mean that literally. Meredith giggles and tells him that good things come to those who wait. At that he turns and grabs her and there's some kind of adorable canoodling. I'm not made of stone, nor have I had any good making out in a while, so I'm susceptible to this kind of affection on television. There's a knock at the door and Cristina comes in, bundled up in sweats and a scarf and breathing heavily. Once she establishes that she's not interrupting sex, she orders Derek out of the room. He's surprised, but Meredith enforces the order. Cristina gets immediately under the covers, tennis shoes and all, as Mer asks why she's all sweaty, and Cristina says she jogged. Meredith's worried, telling her, "We don't jog. You don't jog." When Meredith says her name quietly, Cristina asks her what she would do in a scenario where Derek robbed a bank, she was the getaway driver, but then only Derek got caught. Would she turn herself in or let Derek take the fall? Meredith is totally confused and having a hard time following, and wonders whose idea it was. "I don't know. His. But you helped! I mean, could you live with yourself? If you just walked away, and let the man you love take the fall?" Meredith just says that if Cristina tells her what's going on, she might be able to help. She gently prods her friend, but Cristina has had as much sharing as she can handle and leaps out of bed to leave, adding, "I jog. Sometimes. Without you."

At the bottom of the stairs, she comes face-to-face with George and asks about his dad, then assures him he has nothing to worry about. George tells her, stone-faced, that he isn't worried "anymore." To hear his voice, you'd think he contacted his Godfather, or something. It's ominous. Cristina asks what he means, but before she can find out that he just sacrificed his soul, Izzie butts in to bitterly bitch about Cristina and Meredith having cool best friend time. She's oblivious to the tension, acting every bit as blonde as her hair looks today, and no one answers. She finally picks up on something, but instead of asking what's going on, she just mutters that probation makes her cranky. Derek walks in, George announces Cristina's imminent departure, and Derek runs off to more canoodling. There's giggling from upstairs and Izzie looks nearly murderous. Again, Izzie -- things to think about before you cut a patient's LVAD wire to move him up the donor list so that he's a healthier shade of pink and wearing more than a hospital gown to your wedding.

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