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The Shit Hits the Fan

Back in her time-out, Cristina waits and watches Janelle's heart, which begins to beat on its own. She tells the nurses that Janelle needs to come off bypass, and gets worried that she could have a stroke. Someone comes in with a message from Burke that it's taking longer than he thought, which sends Cristina into a tizzy.

Meanwhile, Dr. McShakey is starting to stretch his hand out a lot. Meredith stares at it intently, which Derek notes and begins to joke about. Hahn thanks Burke, as if we haven't had enough reminders of how much he is revered, even by those who don't like him much, as Derek then snaps at Meredith to focus on her job, while he notices she's still looking at Burke's hand. Hand-stretching! Furrowed brows! These are tense times indeed.

Cristina orders Janelle off the bypass machine. "I'm not having this girl die of a stroke after all this." Oh, the irony if someone died because Burke wasn't there, huh? She tells a nurse to page a surgeon just as Burke sweeps back in. She accusingly tells him he could have taken too long, but he merrily ignores her and begins the process. Everything is going well -- until blood gushes out of the heart and all over Cristina. They quickly get things under control, and Burke assures her that this is a normal complication, but he's stretching his hand out. When she makes a suggestion -- not even a suggestion to take over, but a medical suggestion, as an intern is wont to do -- he icily says, "Dr. Yang, I don't need this." They share a long stare and Bailey comes in, having just been paged. Burke tells her to scrub in, and with that, Cristina is basically dismissed. It's absolutely amazing acting with her eyes as you see her pain and exhaustion and stress collide as she leaves the room. She walks out and doesn't even remove the bloodstained gown, but picks up where the episode began and begins to run down the hall as people stare after her.

There is a knock at the Chief's door, and he bids the knocker to enter... it's Burke, and when he walks in and says they need to talk, Richard agrees that they do and looks over Burke's shoulder. Cristina is there, cleaned up but looking tortured and nauseated, and finally, finally the secret is out.

She sits in the hall and watches through the window as Richard yells. Burke hangs his head; the Chief's body language is clearly asking how he could do this to him and to the hospital. Naturally, at that moment Dr. Hahn walks out to make a biting, witty comment about how lucky Cristina is to be Burke's student. "If your little intern brain can retain any of what he teaches you, maybe you'll become half the surgeon he is. And that's pretty damn good." Oh God, we GET IT. We've been watching the show; we know he's brilliant and how horrific this mistake was. Let's relax with the clubbing over the head with his tremoriffic arm, shall we? Dr. Hahn continues to laugh and snark and goes on her merry way.

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