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Janelle is asleep with Addison by her bed, and Karev comes in to check on her. She'll be okay, and the two of them talk about if she'll tell the dad-to-be or not. Addison thinks not, but thanks Alex for what he said. "You're a decent guy, Alex. I'd hate to see Sloane beat that out of you." They exchange a Long Meaningful Glance, at which each seems surprised. Oh dear goodness, can we please have one intern-doctor relationship that doesn't get sexual? Please? I'm all for hanky-panky, but it's starting to be a little much. Just because Burke and Cristina are headed for rough water doesn't mean we need to replace them immediately. I'm just saying.

The elevator doors open on Burke, and Derek enters the elevator, stone-faced. He finally tells Burke, "I would have helped you if you told me." He finally looks at Burke and says his name, but Burke just says he can't talk about it right now. Derek asks, "I thought you were my friend?" "I thought you were my surgeon," Burke replies. And I thought that maybe, deep down, I might have been able to find something redeeming in Burke, but now that he's again trying to shift blame anywhere but himself, I know I can't. ... Okay, that's totally a lie. I'd lost all respect for him about twenty minutes ago, but now it's just been cemented.

Cristina begins to wrap up the horrible events with another voice-over. "In some ways, betrayal is inevitable. When our bodies betray us, surgery is often the key to recovery." Mrs. Dickerson works on hers by talking to the cops. "When we betray each other... when we betray each other, the path to recovery is less clear." Bailey watches Cristina walk by, and Richard stares solemnly at the board.

Outside, Cristina waits on a bench; George and Meredith come out the hospital doors. George ignores her and keeps walking, but Meredith stops and sits. Cristina tells her, "It was both our idea[s], to rob the bank. It was both of us." Meredith knows. Cristina goes on, like a lost little girl: "I just, I couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't... " Meredith assures her that she did the right thing, but Cristina asks, "Yeah? Then how come I walked across the parking lot and realized I can't go home? Where am I supposed to go?" Somewhere you can actually be yourself, for one thing. Somewhere your boyfriend won't constantly berate you and throw your weaknesses in your face when it suits him, for another.

Izzie gets home, and George is napping on the couch. She confirms that he's switched the surgery back to Dr. Hahn again. George tries to explain his actions, saying it was his dad and he was scared, and then tries to play on Izzie's experience, saying he expected her to understand about a loved one in the hospital. She's having none of it, and forbids him ever to speak of Denny again. He tries to apologize and she tells him she's not ready yet, but does sit next to him on the couch and take his dinner out of his hands. As she begins to twirl pasta on the fork, she concedes that he might be able to try apologizing tomorrow. I'm not too worried about these two, because as immature as each of them always is, they always come back to one another. It's a platonic perfect match.

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