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In bed, Derek comments on Meredith watching Burke's hands during surgery. "You knew." She defends herself, saying, "I can't say anything. There are things Cristina told me, she's my friend, I can't say anything." The camera pulls back to show her facing the ceiling, and him facing the other wall. He begins to turn, and tells her that's not how it works. "How could you know what you knew, or suspect, and not even tell me?" She points out what I imagine is probably at the core of his upset: "You cleared him for surgery, Derek. How did you not know? You can't be angry with me. She's my best friend. And right or wrong, she... " Derek: "What?" "She was there when you weren't." There's been great debate about this, but I think she's referring to both when Meredith needed someone and he left her for Addison, and when Burke needed someone and Cristina stepped up to the plate, however awkwardly she did it. To his credit, he seems to understand this and he finally turns and looks at her, so she turns and looks at him. Cristina's voice adds, "You do whatever it takes to rebuild the trust that was lost." They smile at each other, and she goes to kiss him. Once she's made the move, he puts his arm around her, and the camera pans up to let them get it on alone. Let's hear it for Meredith and McDreamy, shall we? I feel like they talked something out and he actually listened to and respected her, and I'm happy to see them be functional. Hot and functional. Rowr.

Cristina ends by adding, "And then there are some wounds, some betrayals that are so deep, so profound, that there's no way to repair what was lost." She finally goes home, and once inside, sees Burke in the bedroom. He looks at her for a few long moments before closing the door in her face. "And when that happens, there's nothing left to do, but wait." Yes. Wait to see you punch him in the throat, Cristina. Oh wait, did I say that out loud?

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