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The Shit Hits the Fan

At the hospital, the Chief watches Cristina and Burke having a seemingly tense conversation in the hallway. Burke asks Cristina why she's acting "like the sky is falling," and makes sure to drip with condescension. She snaps, "The sky isn't falling. It already fell. George knows." Burke just tells her about how he's fine, and hasn't tremored in a week, and is doing fine in surgery, but she reminds him he's doing fine with her there to keep an eye on everything. She's worried that this isn't another anonymous surgery, it's George's father, but Burke just uses my favorite word and assures her everything is fine. Ignoring this, Cristina goes on about coming up with a story and a strategy until Burke actually laughs in her face. "Cristina! You're too intense!" I seriously don't even understand this, other than that it's obviously some sick coping mechanism of his, but coming from a surgeon who has been relying on his young, inexperienced girlfriend to help him fake his way through his job the past few weeks -- a job, mind you, that if done wrong could kill someone -- it makes me want to throw him up against a wall by his neck. She seems to want to also, and growls at him basically about how she's covered his ass by learning procedures years ahead of her level and juggling his schedule, to which he does not respond well. He claims he's been covering her as well, and reminds her that they are "a team," sounding extremely threatening. He maintains that he wouldn't be in surgery if he didn't think he could do the job, and basically tells her to pull herself together. She beeps and runs.

Bailey gives the kids the rundown while they all pull on yellow gowns. In what I'll refer to as A Very Special Santa Monica Farmer's Market Story, a driver plowed his car into a fish market and injured a ton of people. Izzie shows up, excited to help, but it turns out she was paged by accident and Bailey sends her off to tend to George's father; it seems George isn't working that day since he switched shifts with Meredith. Cristina jumps in to not-at-all-suspiciously say that's her case, but Bailey needs her, and Izzie is sent off with instructions to not do "anything other than breathe or watch." I get how this works when she's following someone around, but I'm confused as to how useful this is when she's sent somewhere by herself. Is she just supposed to pose in a decorative stance to amuse the patient? Oh wait, that's how she got herself through med school. I guess we'll see. Cristina continues to natter on about being in on her attending's surgery until a thoroughly pissed-off Bailey informs her, "Well, if and when YOUR attending asks for YOU, then YOU have to go. Don't you." I really hope one of these days Bailey actually does something to Cristina rather than just threatening her with something she can't even really enforce, like last week's ban on surgery.

The effects department went all-out on this week's blood budget. There's chaos as people are brought into the ER. Cristina ends up with Callie and Derek on an elderly man with his wife leaning over him, moaning about the car that almost killed him. Derek assumes he was hit by the car, but is corrected that this was actually the driver that caused all the mayhem. The wife won't hear of it and continues to yell and moan about the car lurching out of control and causing the accident all on its own. Bailey tries to send her to make a statement to the police, but she's having none of it and Bailey eventually relents. Throughout, the wife can only moan about what a good driver her husband is. Cristina looks up from what she's doing to see Meredith working with Burke, who is wrist-deep in someone's chest. Addison looks up from a patient she's questioning to see a woman, covered in cuts and blood, eerily standing in the doorway. Meredith and Burke call time of death on their patient, and Dr. Hahn comes in to snark a hello to Burke. Addison finally makes it over to the woman, who is able to say, "I think I might be parked in a red zone... " before collapsing. It's some well-done ER chaos.

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