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She goes into the locker room, where she finds Meredith on a Blackberry. At that moment Callie comes in and, with a sneer, literally begins rolling up her sleeves, says she wants to talk about "panties," and declares that she's kicking Meredith's ass as she picks her up and throws her against a locker. She's hollering about how she was a good friend and discreet and that she can't believe Mer did "this," as Mer screams back, wondering what "this" is. Izzie is screaming over both of them, telling Callie to "use her words." Her words come in the form of the secret of the panties, and the "adulterous McSex" that she saw, which doesn't explain much of anything, and Izzie has to actually throw herself in between the two, screaming, "I'm sorry but she's very little and you're hurting her!" Best. Line. Ever. It's funny 'cause it's true. Callie finally yells that the McSteamy sex wasn't Meredith's story to spread, and Izzie sighs, not believing that was the big deal. Unfortunately this earns her little friend another beating, since now Callie thinks Mer told Izzie as well. Meredith's lungs are stronger than her bones and she's finally able to yell back at Callie that all she'd known was that Callie slept with somebody, and that George was the one who told her it was Mark. Callie is stunned into silence and wonders who told George. Izzie suggests, "Maybe perhaps the guy you slept with?" (Although it was Alex, the point remains that the girls weren't the gossipy ones this time.) They all breathe, and finally Callie... desperately says that she didn't betray George and that they were broken up at the time. You thought I was going to say "apologizes," did you? Silly rabbit, apologies are for suckers, at least in this hospital. Or so we're generally led to believe. Meredith orders her to go tell George just that, and when she leaves the two girls dissolve into sort of manic giggles as Izzie notes, "Dude, she went all cage-fighter on you!" Second best. Line. Ever.

George finds Izzie in the hallway and asks about his dad, which Izzie answers by telling him his girlfriend is scary. George ignores any mention of Callie and continues on, trying to sound normal and create normal banter by asking if his mom has offered to iron Izzie's clothes yet. (Seriously, there is nothing I appreciate more than slick continuity in the way of little details. Well done, writers, well done indeed.) Izzie assures him that everything is fine, except that they're confused about the change in surgeons and she would like to know why and what to tell them. George, mature as always, turns to a passing Cristina and asks her to share the reason why he did what he did, and she just tells him that everything will be fine, for once without using the dreaded word itself. George challenges her that there are tons of other fathers having surgery in the hospital too. (Which really doesn't answer the question, then, of why he's leaving it up to them and not going straight to the Chief with his concerns. My guess is because it would be the mature thing to do, and George is actually incapable of doing anything mature.) With all of the barbs, Izzie looks worried, and Cristina flees. Izzie thinks that George is just nervous and assures him that, like she did, Preston Burke only came back to work when he was ready. Interestingly, she uses his full name, I think to emphasize his surgical reputation, but also showing that everyone thinks of him like that, and it's not just a hang-up of Cristina's as Burke has tried to put on her in the past. Instead of taking a moment to understand that Izzie has no idea what's going on and that she's doing the best she can, George tells her to mind her own beeswax and throws back in her face that she's only supposed to be watching, not actually doing anything. You can't have your cake and eat it too, George -- you want good care for your dad, and today it's her. Either tell or don't, but quit acting like such a tortured jerk.

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