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Mark and Alex are still working on sewing up Janelle's face and pulling all the glass shards out of her body, respectively. She wants to know when she's having surgery, implying that having a giant shard of glass embedded in one's heart sounds like something that should be treated sooner rather than later. Mark tells a story about another patient who survived with a chair leg in his chest while Janelle tries to focus the man candy back to the sharp implement in her own ticker. Addison enters and lets her know they'll operate in a few hours. With time to kill, Janelle muses about the day and wonders if surviving all of this is a sign that she should have the baby even if it doesn't have a father. Addie says everyone has a father somewhere, Mark mumbles as he does best, and Janelle guesses that Addison's voting for her to tell the father-to-be. Janelle seems pretty put upon by it all: "He's scum and now I'm the bad guy because I don't want him in my kid's life. That's what you're thinking?" Alex points out that she should think about the baby, and what it will be like in a few years when he or she asks about their dad. Mark orders him to butt out, but Alex defends himself that she asked. She explains that the guy cheated on her. Alex says, "Makes him an ass. Doesn't mean you need to be one." Janelle greets this sage comment by breathing heavily and then passing out completely. Addison barks orders, which include getting Burke.

In the Dickersons' room, the wife has clearly just been told about her husband's condition, and asks Derek and Bailey if it was because of the accident. They gently try to tell her that it was probably the cause, actually. She won't accept that, and desperately assures them that he had no symptoms. Regardless of all that, he still needs surgery, and Derek explains how he needs operations on both his brain and his trachea, so both he and a cardiothoracic surgeon will have to operate. She's taking it all in, but just repeating how they'd only wanted to go to the market that day.

Cristina sees Burke inside the Chief's office and watches as they shake hands and Burke leaves. On The Walkway of Truth, he motions Cristina over to the side so that they look as nonchalant as if they're discussing dinner. Before he can speak, she begins to reassure him that things are okay, but he breaks in to tell her that the meeting was about Richard retiring and wanting to name Burke the new Chief of Surgery. They stand in stunned silence. It's interesting to note, also, that clearly Burke did not tell the truth, as he told Cristina he was going to do. I know there's not a good time for "So, Chief, turns out I've been shaking while doing delicate and rare procedures on people's hearts, and lying about it while relying to heavily on my intern girlfriend," but being offered a promotion might have been a good spot to mention it.

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