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George goes into his father's room, and his mom comments on his wrinkled clothes, noting that it's a good thing she brought the travel iron. I think it's my favorite absurd trait ever, this ironing. He was paged and asks them what's up, and after some back-and-forth, his dad says he'll tell him. They're grateful for everything he's done and don't want to cause trouble (and throw in that that's especially with all of the Meredith and Callie trouble, thereby getting Izzie in her own trouble), but that they rescheduled his surgery to be with Burke the following day. George immediately demands to know what Izzie said, and when his dad starts to answer, George yells at Izzie that he told her to butt out. I'm curious as to what he thinks she was supposed to do -- literally not respond to a direct question and insult his parents? She's not in the easiest position, and I feel for her, regardless of the inappropriate girl conversation. He orders Izzie out and his dad chastises him, so he takes the really mature route and throws out the information about her probation, "because the last time she was allowed to interact with patients, someone died." Izzie is aghast and takes a moment to compose herself before telling Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley it was nice to see them and running out. Until George acts like an adult, I refuse to cut him any normal slack for being scared about his father. He hasn't handled anything well -- Callie, Izzie, Burke -- and he needs to sack up somehow in order to be given any passes.

Burke's looking over papers and squeezing a stress ball with his tremoriffic hand. Derek comes in while texting on a Sidekick -- are he and Meredith texting when they're out of the line of sight of each other? -- and he asks Burke to scrub in to his surgery. Burke finally turns around to face him and says simply, "Shepherd." Derek responds, "Burke." He has a questioning look, but very evenly asks what's going on. Conveniently, Karev comes in at that moment to get Burke for Janelle's surgery, and Derek points out that Burke can't do both at one time. Both of them are urgent, so Burke tells Derek to invite Dr. Hahn to help him, and he'll work on Janelle. As Alex leaves, Burke tells him to make sure Cristina's on the surgery. Interesting choice, given that he seems to not be able to stand her.

George is sitting in a fetal position on the stairwell, his forehead balanced on a railing, when Callie sees him through the window and joins him. Before he can say anything, she rushes in, saying, "We were broken up, as in not together." George whispers, "We can't do this now," but Callie can't be blamed for not knowing he's serious this time since he's accosted her before in the same way, and wishy-washed through their whole relationship. (Or rather, their excuse for one.) She forges ahead. "I slept with Mark to get over you and guess what, it didn't work. It was a mistake. But I did not betray you, George. I wouldn't, I would never do that." It's too much for Georgie, and he screams, "I can't do this now!" and she flees. The count goes up to two on the "I can't understand why these women want to even try to make it work with these jerks" meter.

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