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"Failure is an inevitability." Thanks, Meredith, for starting us off on such a high note for this Winter finale. Though really she's talking about medical research and breakthroughs like she has before, and it's true, and all the doctors we know who came up with nifty things like the polio vaccine are the ones who refused to take "no" for an answer. Currently, it looks like one of those doctors is Cristina -- she's doing a press conference with Owen and Smash about Baby Nathan's successful groundbreaking surgery. However, she's totally tentative and stuttering, and refuses to say anything other than that she's cautiously optimistic that the surgery will be a success. She sees Mere glaring at her from the back of the room, which surely isn't helping her insecurity. Owen is a little bit worried about her, while Smash looks annoyed and fidgets. Finally, he grabs the microphone away from Cristina to shout that she hit a home run and thanks to her, "Baby Nathan" is thriving this morning. Wait a minute, we know that's his name, but is the press supposed to know that given all of last week's privacy concerns. No one mentions it though, and the crowd all gathers in a big round of applause. Mere does clap but she then leaves, and Cristina totally sees and that distraction may be all that kept her from throttling Smash in front of the crowd.

Mere and Steph go and zip up their poor sheep carcass; while they do Mere forces them to stay positive and says that they will print another vein from new material, and do new research, and will learn from this setback. Fortunately this time, Steph isn't crying.

Ben and Bailey come upon Richard gazing at the surgery board and notice that he's down for a procedure; he's breaking himself in with a small easy one that he scheduled for the time that everyone else would be gone at April's wedding so there was no fuss. Ben sees that Bailey has a long surgery scheduled herself but she assures him she'll be on time for the nuptials, and they share a sweet kiss before he leaves. Bailey is still fiddling with her hands a little bit but it's nothing at all like the purposeful, orderly yanking of her fingers. Richard asks her if the medication is working and she grumbles a yes, but while she seems like she doesn't want to admit she's using it, she also seems happy and proud to be doing better. Richard tells her she's proud of her, and she glows a little from his praise, trying to brush it off.

After the conference call, Owen, Cristina and Smash walk out and Smash crows that he thought it went well. Cristina is super annoyed, though, and tells him he must be over his hours, and he should take the day off. She also points out that he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Smash gets all defensive about his work, Cristina gets all funny about the case, and finally Owen breaks in and points out that Smash said what needed to be said while Cristina just sort of froze up there. Smash is almost manically punching his fingers into the screen of one of the tablets and then puts it in Cristina's face, proving that he's only worked 68 of his 80 hours. Owen then leaves them, and Cristina tells Smash she's worried that he's going too fast, and she's not the only one who noticed. He demands to know who was badmouthing him but Cristina keeps that to herself and over his protestations and questions she finally tells him he's going to burn himself out. He takes a different approach and puts his hand on her arm, saucily telling her he thinks that what she really needs is to work off some steam. Men, a little note: if anyone -- man, woman, partner, friend -- is saying this kind of thing, don't try to suppose you know what their "real" problem is. Especially if it's that they should have sex with you. Unsurprisingly, Cristina shoots him down and in fact tells him that they are over. Smash tries to claim that the only reason on earth he's been sticking it to her is to relax her, and then he begs her not to shut him out. Cristina is unmoved, and just orders him to go home.

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