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"Ask most surgeons why they became surgeons and they usually tell you the same thing: It was for the high, the rush, the thrill that comes from cutting someone open and saving their life. For me, it was different. Maybe it's because I grew up in a house with four sisters." Derek takes over voiceover duty this week so that Meredith can sleep in and regrow her liver, and we see him get ready for work and kiss her goodbye.

"No, definitely because I grew up in a house with four sisters, because, it was the quiet that drew me to surgery." At the hospital, he asks a very suspicious Cristina how she's doing, and Cristina is royally pissed that Meredith told him she had been down because of a lack of a "cardio god." She says that once Meredith is healed up, she's dead, but Derek gleefully tells her that she should be happy, because today she'll be on his service. "You need a god! Neuro god, right here." I guess if you're a god, you're not too burdened by modesty. She doesn't really buy his god status, but they are quieted when they reach the surgical board. Everyone is gathered around the Chief, droning about something, and the board is empty except for a piece of paper taped to it. Bailey fills in Derek, that the Chief is implementing a computer model that will schedule surgeries from now on, and that it's supposed to be efficient and money saving or some such bullshit. Well, that last part is just heavily implied by her tone. They tune back in to Richard in time for him to say that he had one of them do a trial for the last month, and then has Mark step up to tell about his experience with it. Mark is totally a showoff as he assures them all that the computer will know them better than they know themselves. Derek speaks up to point out that his schedule has been totally rearranged (he must have guessed this as this is news and there's no way he can read that paper schedule from that far away) and asks the Chief if they haven't already had enough change lately. Richard cuts him off to say, no-nonsense, that change is good. "Embrace it." He walks off, which serves as a dismissal rather than actually wrapping up his presentation, and Bailey turns to Derek and tells him the two men have to stop arguing. "It's unattractive." Derek just glares.

"The operating room is a quiet place. Peaceful. It has to be in order for us to stay alert, anticipate complications." Reed is doing yoga and seems to be trying to piss off Alex by blocking his locker. She's successful, and just maintains that she's sore from doing surgery all night. Unsurprisingly, Alex doesn't care -- and seriously, this is an empty locker room, with plenty of other places to do yoga. She reluctantly moves away as Cristina walks in to tell Alex that Izzie hasn't called in to confirm her IL2 appointment for later that week. Alex acts like he doesn't care, so Cristina lowers her voice, and with a glance at Reed, reminds Alex that this is his wife, and she could die. Alex says she'll show up: "She's a crappy wife, but she's not an idiot." I feel like we've seen countless episodes that would contradict that statement, but fine. Cristina gives him the time of the appointment and leaves, and Reed calls out to him not to worry, "Being ditched by cancer wife won't change my mind. You're still a douche." Clearly these two are going to hook up at some point, right? With the hate that turns to passion?

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