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Back in Isaac's surgery, Derek makes another cut that results in a ton of blood, some alarms, and lots more panic. Cristina is upstairs in the gallery giving Mere a play-by-play on the phone, while at home Mere follows along with her new wall d├ęcor. Derek freaks out as they think they are losing him, and says they should have cut the cord. However, things calm down and it turns out everything is still fine. Derek steps back, and Lexie realizes something is wrong but not what, exactly. Derek yells at her to take off his mask and as soon as she does, he vomits on the floor. Wow, I hope none got in the open spinal cord right there. Everyone is kind of in shock, and Lexie rubs his back.

Everyone is gathered around him and while someone puts a mat over the puke splash, Mark gives Derek a pep talk. Lexie tries to get him to have some water and he gets pretty bristly about it and insists he doesn't need it -- that is, until Lexie yells an order at him to drink it. Shocked, he has some, while Mark looks on admiringly. It's very reminiscent of Alex forcing Izzie to have some water and take her pill, back before she got fired and ran off and made all of our lives more pleasant for a few weeks by not being here.

Speaking of, Alex is waiting in the chemo room, but there is no Izzie to be seen. He looks a bit like a lost little boy as people come and go and get treatment around him.

Hunt comes around the corner from the OR when he runs into the Chief, who is surprised he isn't in surgery. Hunt tries to cover with a story that Callie needed the OR, but Callie of course pops up at mention of her name and all is blown, as Richard realizes this means Derek didn't cut the cord. Callie tells Hunt that Bailey will stop him, but Hunt says Bailey is in the OR. Callie is dismayed because she knows who that leaves, and sure enough, Arizona steps in front of Richard to block his way. He tells her to move but this time, she finds her own inner hardcore badass and holds firm, reminding him that Derek is operating on a spinal cord and that any minor disturbance could cause him to make a mistake. She reminds the Chief that the patient is one of their employees and that she personally also wants to see him saved, "So no. You don't get to go in there and be a bully. Not today, Chief. Not on my watch." They stare each other down, but Richard caves first and walks off grinding his teeth. Callie is thrilled because she thought it would go differently, but Arizona deflates just then and starts to cry, which is more of what Callie had expected.

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