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Isaac wakes after his surgery, and while Derek sleeps in a chair, Isaac wiggles his toes and his face crumbles. He's devastated and keeps moaning "no" waking a confused Derek. He asks Isaac what is wrong (how on earth he didn't guess for himself is totally beyond me, as this was a crazy risky improbable surgery) -- Isaac thinks that he once again couldn't go through with the surgery. Derek immediately corrects him that no, the tumor is completely gone. Isaac can't believe it and asks about his toes, so Derek repeats himself and assures Isaac will be fine. With tears rolling down his face, it finally sinks in, and he asks if he's going to be okay. Derek tells him yes, and after asking again Isaac starts to laugh, and takes Derek's hand, telling him he's a very good man. I really hope we see Isaac again as he's awesome, but even though he's supposedly a well-loved employee, I get the feeling he's really just another Patient of the Week. Oh well.

Derek VOs: "Peace isn't a permanent state. It exists in moments. Fleeting. Gone before we even knew it was there." Alex is still waiting in a darkened chemo room that night when Reed comes in, dressed in some very elfin, pointy boots. She reports on Derek's surgery and that she finished all the pre-ops so everything is good to go, but he just sits there like he did when he first got Izzie's note, kind of broken. He admits that Izzie didn't show up, and then says that she can't be this stupid, as a woeful female voice starts up on the soundtrack. He can't believe she didn't show for something that saved her life and starts to cry, asking, "Who doesn't show up?" Your spiteful, ridiculous wife, that's who. Reed doesn't quite know what to do, and just steps towards him as he sobs. Derek: "We can experience it at any time. In a stranger's act of kindness.

"A task that requires complete focus." Cristina is in the skills lab, practicing with the pen, the cup, and the dollar bills. She has a pile of discarded bills in front of her, and all have a red dot at the edge of George's mouth. Hunt comes in and after watching her, tells her she's standing too close. She refutes this and when he says he'll show her she asks, "You? Look at your hands. They're hams! Mine are tiny little geniuses." It's a relief, though, that this sounds more like Old Cristina -- super contrary, but not filled with straight-up venomous anger at all times. He tells her it's not about the hands and comes over to correct her stance. It's pretty sexy to see him move her body just slightly, and once he makes his adjustments, she tries again and gets George square on the nose. He tells her that if she stands too close, it throws everything else off, which sounds suspiciously like a Lesson we're going to get in an upcoming episode.

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