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"Or simply the comfort of an old routine." The man behind the voiceover walks up to Richard as he writes up all the surgeries on the board again, old-school style. Derek waits a moment and when Richard doesn't say anything, tells his boss that they can't keep doing this, that he's tired of fighting and they should put it behind them; he can move on if Richard can. Richard's response, however, is to turn around and tell Derek, "You're fired. Immediately. Get the hell out of my hospital." He really is just a pathetic excuse for a leader, clearly threatened and scared and unable to make a single good decision. Derek seems to know this, and his face remains calm. As Isaac told him the day before, Derek advises Richard, "Go home. Sleep on it. We'll talk more tomorrow." He has one moment of real shock on his face but it's only for a half-second, and after he gives Richard that advice he looks both calm and smug. Ah, some things are eternal, and Derek's fantastically large ego is one of them.

"Every day, we all experience these moments of peace. The trick is to know when they're happening. So that we can embrace them. Live in them." He walks into the bedroom with a bottle of bubbly for a delighted Meredith, and crawls onto the bed next to her and puts his head on her shoulder. She happily tells him she wants to hear his version of the events from the very beginning, but when there's no answer she realizes he's already fallen asleep. Fair enough, after 26 hours of surgery. She's my kind of girl, though, and opens the champagne anyway within view of the wall that they are now stuck with, with a beautifully detailed, full-color Sharpie mural of a spinal tumor. Derek finishes, "And finally, let them go." Thus ends another surprisingly good episode of GA and, dare I say it? I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what comes next. Who could have possible expected that?

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