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Inside, she demands to know if what Lexie is holding is what Cristina thinks it is. Lexie says no and tries to hide it, but Cristina runs around and grabs it -- the diaper that Lexie has been contemplating. Lexie defends herself and is ready to be teased, but Cristina actually thinks that it's a genius idea because then she wouldn't have to leave surgery and yet could hydrate all she wants. Lexie can't really believe she's serious and so she says it's not like she was going to use it -- Cristina orders that of course she will, because it's hardcore, like the astronauts. It would be too easy to reference that poor astronaut who drove all night to confront her love rival, and did it in a diaper, wouldn't it? It would. Cristina orders her to put it on and offers to guard the door.

With a lumpy butt under her scrubs, she helps wheel Isaac towards surgery, all the while fidgeting with her undergarment while Avery shoots her weird looks. Derek warns them that if anyone says anything, they are fired, including a cheerful Isaac, and then they walk past the surgical board where Richard is showing off the new system to some board members. Richard says that this must be Mrs. Taylor for her craniotomy, but Derek just tells him that it's Mr. Taylor, and Richard assures the board they are working out the kinks. For someone who considers himself involved, it's interesting that he doesn't recognize Isaac, considering how invaluable he seems to be to everyone else that works there. Derek then wheels him along, brown-nosing that he wants to keep everything on schedule.

Once in the OR, Derek tells Isaac that if he gets in and it's too dangerous, the responsible thing to do would be to close him up. It's kind of a weird maybe-kinda-question, and Isaac firmly tells him that if it's too complicated, Derek should just cut the cord and paralyze him. He then tells Derek that he survived war and his family dying, including his wife and child dying in a refugee camp, and so he can also survive the loss of his legs if he must. He's relentlessly upbeat through this whole speech, and tells Derek that there is always a way, even when it looks like there is not, and that he and Derek are both people who are inspired when something looks impossible. He then offers one piece of advice, "To the world's foremost neurosurgeon." If he becomes frightened, he should turn that around to become inspired. It feels reminiscent of some outstanding advice from Barney Stinson. Isaac then tells them that he's ready.

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