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Fear of Flying

Meredith is also on her plane, and I totally expected her to see Owen run on and down the aisle. But no, it's just her, and as the plane starts to pull away from the gate she starts to panic. She turns on her air and finally begins to whisper to herself that she has to go. She gets up out of her seat and the flight attendant orders her to sit back down. But she walks up and confronts him, her voice rising to a yell, demanding that he let her off the plane or she'll pull the emergency exit. As a nervous flier who has not ever been in an actual plane crash, I can't mock this scene, readers.

Her voice reminds us once again that death is hardest on the living. Cristina is lying on her bed in her apartment; interestingly she has a number of flight-size tiny liquor bottles by her bed which seem to indicate that at some point she at least was in the vicinity of an airplane after the crash. She tells Mere via iPad that she had her boarding pass in hand but couldn't get herself actually on the plane. Meredith is sitting in an airport bar and downs a shot before replying, "Next time." Alex then shows up and sits down next to her, and at Cristina's demand Mere turns the screen so that Ms. Minnesota can see them both. He and Mere apologize to each other for earlier. Alex tells her that he can't just let Barnett screw up his and Arizona's program at this hospital and besides, he doesn't even like Baltimore. Mere interprets correctly that this is code for he couldn't get on the plane either. Cristina and Mere tease him good-naturedly and he tells Cristina to pass along to Hunt that he is staying after all. Cristina is thoroughly confused and Alex tells them he saw Owen in the airport and assumed he was Minnesota bound.

Of course, if that was the case, Owen would have witnessed Mere have a panic attack and I like to think he wouldn't have just hidden his face and kept silent during the commotion. Sure enough, it turns out that he wasn't on that plane at all. Instead, he finds himself on a sunny farm somewhere and after a moment we see April, wearing a dorky kerchief, lead a giant pig out of a barn on a rope. This scene would only be more clich├ęd if Owen told her that her brother John-Boy had said where to find her. Instead, he says her mom directed him out to the barn. She's shocked but he just tells her that Mark died, nothing is the same, and he wants her to come back and work at the hospital again. This has alarming undertones of his Having Secret Feelings and I pray that's just an accident; it's hard enough watching him and Cristina try to figure things out without making their sad story a triangle. Owen despairs that he keeps trying to figure out what he could have done differently -- if he realized they were missing sooner, told Cristina how much... he trails off, but we get the gist. He thinks that this is the only thing that he can actually fix; he should have helped her rather than kicking her when she was down and taking away her job. He then asks her to come home to Seattle where she belongs.

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