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Fear of Flying

Back in Seattle, Derek is flexing his arm and making a fist, testing out his hand, and we see large scars running down his forearm where he was stitched back together. Richard walks in and tells him that they are all set for tonight, unless Derek has any questions or concerns. We don't yet know what exactly is set, but Derek doesn't have any questions. Once Richard leaves, he sits back and thinks until his phone bonks at him.

Bailey is leading her interns around and I was totally delighted to realize that one of them is Smash. Fine, so I will remember him too, but no other interns until I suss out who is going to stay around and who are warm bodies that will be quickly forgotten as the season goes on. Bailey quizzes them on a patient and when no one has an answer to one of her questions, a voice comes from the doorway that turns out to belong to sexy Dr. Warren. Bailey is delighted and turns super smiley and giggly, and from the smirks of her interns we know her reputation as the "Nazi" is no more. She gets him out in the hallway and finds out he managed 12 hours free so he hopped on a plane to visit. They kiss their way to an on-call room but are foiled as the door is locked. Wait, locked? They must have installed those over the summer! It's a miracle!

Alex is inside, with another unnamed female intern post-coitally wrapped around him with some strategically placed sheets to hide their modesty. He tells her that he wishes he could put off Hopkins for her, but he's already postponed once. She eats it all up, and then after some more flirting they go back at it.

Callie is working on a computer in the ER when she looks up and notices a nurse staring at her. Exasperated, Callie tells her she's fine and reminds her (and the room in general) that she told everyone to stop staring. The nurse apologizes and shuffles away which gives Callie a clear view of Avery, who has been staring too. Obviously, the question is, why are they staring with worry on their faces? What has happened to Arizona? We don't know yet, because Derek comes up to do a consult on a spine x-ray. He tells her that "we" need to book an OR and she's thrilled to realize he's actually going to operate with her for the first time since the crash. Derek reminds her that he's been cleared for weeks, but she knows already since she's the one who did it. He hadn't been ready yet to go back but says that he is ready today, and he wants no fuss because it's no big deal. She tries to control herself, but she can't hide her joy.

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