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Fear of Flying

At lunch, Mere, Avery and Alex are talking about Alex's working his way through all of the interns; Alex tells Avery he'll have to step up and comfort them when he leaves for Hopkins but Avery has no interest in sloppy seconds. Without realizing what he's saying, Alex needles him that he has to enjoy the perks of being a surgical fellow and besides, he hasn't slept with anyone since Lexie. It's insensitive even for Alex, but I guess on the flip side at least he's not walking on eggshells like I'm sure most of the other people at the hospital are doing with Meredith and the others. It's a silver lining thinner than razor wire, but I'm trying, here. He immediately apologizes while the others just gape at him and then Avery defensively mumbles that he has too "banged" other people.

All of the interns are at another table and immediately tense when Medusa starts to make her way over. She informs them that they have a tradition of having the intern with the most promise scrub in for the first surgery. Despite Kate having just groused that Mere hates her and will never let her see the inside of an OR, she's rewarded the surgery and nearly snorts soda out her nose at the news. She looks terrified, while all of the other interns look supremely pissed.

As Callie and Derek look over the scans for their surgery she suddenly takes his hand and checks it over, making sure he's had no numbness or tingling. He assures her that he's fine and she did a very good job fixing him up. Owen then comes by showing a new surgeon around. Things get mighty uncomfortable when it turns out the guy, Dr. Barnett, is the new peds attending. Derek introduces himself to give Callie a moment and then she sticks out her hand as well. When he hears her name there's a very uncomfortable moment and Barnett tells her he's so sorry about her wife. She cuts him off and Owen quickly ushers him out; she then cuts off Derek and tells him not to make a big deal. But a big deal of what?? It certainly sounds like Arizona didn't make it, but I've watched enough TV in my day to notice from the get-go that no one has actually yet said the words "Arizona" and "dead" together.

However, dead or not, something is obviously very wrong because the next we see of Callie she's sobbing her heart out in a supply closet. Alex comes in with a different intern than we saw him with that morning and she tries to hide while he gives this poor girl exactly the same line he gave the other intern that morning. After a moment they realize she's there and Intern #2 flees with an embarrassed yelp. Callie screams at Alex to get out and won't let him talk to her, but instead of leaving he shuts the door and just crouches down, letting her cry but staying near her just in case. He's clearly sad too, despite trying to push the sadness away with nubile intern bodies.

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