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Fear of Flying

I've also watched enough TV to realize that all of these loving "old" home videos of Mark mean he is probably not going to have a miraculous reawakening at 5:00. We see him in 2010 doing some stitches and bragging about his plastics prowess while Avery tapes the procedure so that he can watch and learn. Avery is shocked when Mark tells him to put down the camera so that he can take over and finish things up. In the present day, Avery sits next to Mark's bed and goes over all of their patients and everything he's been doing. He pauses and listens as if he can really hear Mark's side of the conversation, and that includes letting Mark push him to do better and possibly try out reconstruction on one of their patients. Avery tells him that he is right, and they can do better.

Back at Mayo, Cristina is watching a surgery from their gallery while she's got Mere back on FaceTime and she's gabbing away, insulting Feeny's choices, while everyone else is silently watching the procedure. Mere says it's going to be weird not having her there at 5:00 and asks if she wants to Skype or FaceTime but Cristina responds by turning the iPad around so that Mere can see the surgery that Cristina is mocking. Finally, one of the docs turns and asks Cristina to be quiet so that he can take notes. Cristina just informs him that there's nothing to learn here, and Mere can't help but laugh. She may be having problems of her own, but the crash didn't even make a dent in her ego. Cristina tells Mere that Owen emailed to make sure that she had people around come 5 PM, but she insists that it's no big deal and that Mark will still be gorked no matter when her plane lands. The other doc turns around again and glares at her but doesn't seem to have the guts to actually speak up again.

Ben and Bailey have found an on-call room and can barely get inside before they start to tear off each others' clothes. When there's a knock at the door she threatens that it had better be important, but she's not commanding much authority since she can barely get the words out for all of her panting. She has an intern slide some scans under the door, then slides them back with instructions to monitor the patient. They crash down on to the bed but Bailey is distracted when she hears giggling and commentary from outside that, "She's at it again." She gets up and throws open the door; after freezing momentarily the interns all scatter like mice.

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