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Fear of Flying

Up in peds, Barnett introduces himself to Alex and they chitchat about his leaving for Hopkins that night. Alex asks proudly if he'd been told yet about their exchange program that brings over the kids over from Africa. Barnett tells him that it's admirable work but that it "doesn't fit with [his] agenda." For once, Alex's lack of tact is completely warranted as he asks incredulously how operating on sick orphans doesn't fit a person's agenda. I mean, honestly. Barnett either ignores or doesn't get the implied insult and just tells Alex cheerfully that he talked to UCLA and they are going to move the program down there so that it can continue under someone else. He then gets a call and excuses himself so he can talk to his realtor about his new house. Alex can only stare after him, appalled.

Derek walks in to the OR to find a huge crowd assembled that bursts into applause for him. Callie has her mask on but you can hear the grin in her voice as she admits she did have something to do with organizing this. Derek keeps trying to convince everyone it's no big deal, but everyone just goes silent and stares at him. Finally, Callie tells him he has to say "it." He chuckles and then says quickly, "It's a beautiful day to save lives." He still seems unsure, but everyone else there just sighs happily now that all is right in the world with McDreamy back in the OR.

The interns minus Kate are all up in the gallery, taking bets on how she'll do in her surgery with Mere. They then begin to muse about how Medusa became Medusa and someone mentions that they heard Mere's mom was even worse. What none of them realize is that the intercom is on so Mere and Kate can hear everything that is being said. Mere shoots them a look, and they all freeze in fear before one of Alex's conquests nervously says that it's like she can hear them. Owen, who walked in to observe for a moment, blandly comments that the red light glowing on the intercom means that she in fact can hear everything. Duly terrified, they all sit up straight at his order and shut up to watch. Down below, Kate grovels that she doesn't think Mere is a monster but Mere just orders her to focus on what she is doing.

In another OR, her husband is working away and Callie is totally delighted that they are operating together again. Her happiness is short-lived, though, because when Derek picks up an instrument it slips from his hand and clatters to the ground. He wiggles his fingers, and then over Callie's protests to give himself a moment he tells her he'll meet her afterward and flees.

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