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As evening descends on Seattle, Meredith's voiceover asks how much we can accomplish in an hour and throws out suggestions including running errands and sitting in traffic. If you're in L.A., you can do that last one for far longer than an hour if you want to. To illustrate an hour we see sped-up footage of doctors and nurses working away in the ER, and then we see the clock tick over to 6:00 PM. Mere explains that in medicine they have a term called "golden hour" which refers to the magic window that determines whether a patient lives or dies.

As the 6:00 hour begins, Mere writes some things up on the patient board. Since this is done in real time we're treated to a bit of filler at a few different points during the episode. Cristina is kicking back at the desk eating potato chips and declares that she's not going to help out since she just finished four back-to-back surgeries and this is the first time she's sat down or eaten all day. She also reminds Meredith that she got herself into this situation since Mere volunteered to help run the ER. Mere gives some people some directions and then explains to us/Cristina that she thinks this will make her look like a good candidate for Chief Resident. She's totally giggly and smiley and Cristina notes this suspiciously; Mere explains that she's on fertility drugs and therefore full of extra hormones that are currently making her attitude and her boobs extra perky. Cristina then delicately tells Mere that Callie mentioned "a thing" but she's interrupted by Lexie, who has a patient with a migraine ready for discharge. Mere makes sure she ran all of the appropriate tests and Lexie assures her that she did, and comments that the most interesting thing about his case is his horrifying girlfriend from hell. They all turn and stare at a redhead busy talking on the phone next to the poor guy. Mere signs off on the paperwork and Cristina tries to pick up where she was interrupted but they are then interrupted by Arizona and Owen who have patients. Mere, though, seems to be doing a great job wrangling everybody. Once those interruptions are through, Cristina finally admits that Callie asked her to be the baby's godmother. Meredith's not happy about it and asks if she said no, and says that Cristina has to say no like it's the most logical thing in the world. Cristina's taken aback but Mere heads off to meet a new patient so they can't discuss it yet.

Her patient is Oliver, a good-looking businessman who is on his phone, explaining to his wife that his coworkers overreacted when they heard he was having chest pain, and he's that it's just indigestion. Nurse Tyler is around as Mere's right hand man this hour and he removes electrodes from Oliver's chest as Oliver tells his wife to have their son put on his basketball jersey, and he'll be home soon. He's hot, nice, and has a kid waiting on him? I smell doom for poor Oliver. He actually apologizes to Mere for talking on his phone, and that gesture just insures that something horrible is going to happen. He's supposed to be taking his 9-year-old, basketball-crazy son to the University of Washington basketball game that night with tickets he got the kid for his birthday. He had some chest pain but insists he's feeling better, though Mere realizes this might be his way of trying to get out earlier. Meredith assures him that she will try and get him checked out and through his tests as quickly as possible, and while he's visibly disappointed he grudgingly understands that she can't just take chest pain lightly.

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