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As they get off the elevator, Mere tries to convince Alex to just admit he likes Lucy already, but they round the corner and their conversation dies off when they see Nathan's dad pleading with a nurse. He's starting to unravel, and he explains to the nurse how they went to a clinic and were initially misdiagnosed, then came here and have been waiting all day with Nathan in tremendous pain just to have his leg set. He is realistic and points out that he knows a knife in the head takes precedence over a broken leg but pleads for someone to finally help them, already. Alex watches the whole thing and admonishes Mere for not having taken care of it yet, especially since it's such a painful break and he's such a little kid. She clearly feels awful and chalks it up to just being one of those days before asking Tyler once again about the OR. Fortunately, they are prepping one now. Unfortunately, the Chief then hollers at Meredith and demands to know why she ordered a head CT for Adele at the same time that the phone rings and Tyler informs Mere that Oliver is currently coding inside the CT machine.

Meredith runs off and since we're experiencing real time, we get a lot of different camera angles of her feet as she runs down the hall, down the stairs, and down another hall to keep it interesting. She yells for someone to page Teddy as she runs in the room and immediately grabs the paddles and shocks him.

As I feared from the moment he nicely apologized for talking on his cell phone about taking his 9-year-old to a basketball game, the paddles are doing little to help poor Oliver. They do finally get him back, but barely, and Teddy runs in, looks at his scans, and declares that he needs surgery immediately as his aorta is dissecting. Someone calls that there is no available OR but Mere realizes that she has one of those set aside for Nathan, and despite how much he needs his leg set, the disintegration of a man's aorta takes precedence. They roll him down the hall, Teddy still looking glamorous in her date clothes. As they ride the elevator Teddy explains that as soon as the doors open they have to get him inside and open ASAP, which means they won't even have time to scrub. She and Mere take off their jewelry, tie their hair back, and then Mere whips out some hand sanitizer. This is where the real-time aspect is somehow both boring with all the filler but fascinating because we really feel just how long an elevator ride can seem when the patient next to is possibly dying. Teddy warns Meredith that if his aorta tears, it might already be too late.

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