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When the doors open a team immediately starts in and Teddy orders everyone to just get it done and not worry about being pretty. It seems to take an agonizingly long time to get the doctors in gowns and with lights on their heads even though it's only a few seconds. As Teddy gets to work, a nurse comes over and puts booties on over her stilettos, which just makes her seem that much more badass. She can hold a man's heart in her hands and then jet out to dinner looking flawless, ladies and gentlemen! As they open him up, Mere can't believe how fast he went downhill but Teddy explains that this is how these work. When Mere asks Teddy tells her that in her career, she's been able to catch 40-50 of these cases -- of those, she's saved three. As they work blood starts filling his chest and despite their best efforts, he then starts to bleed out of his nose and ears. Alarms start to ring and they use paddles on his heart, but nothing works. Mere pleads for Teddy to tell her what to do but Teddy finally stops and says that there isn't anything else. Mere doesn't want to believe it but Teddy tells her that this condition is almost impossible to catch and there's nothing they can do. She firmly tells Mere that she's sorry, but they have to call it. After Mere stares down at him for a few moments, she sighs and calls time of death.

The past 50-something minutes have been enough to make anyone want to lay down and curl up in the fetal position but since that's not currently a realistic option, Mere escapes to her happy place. It's been so long since I watched the first season of this show that I'd forgotten that she loved the nursery, and it's a nice touch to see her back there again gazing at the wriggling, tiny babies. It's also be a little bit sad, given her fertility woes. Cristina walks up to her and after a moment, Meredith finally admits that while she doesn't want to share Cristina, the actual reason she doesn't want her to be Callie's baby's godmother is because Mere feels like it's Cristina saying she doesn't think Mere will have a baby of her own. Cristina's horrified and immediately tells Mere this isn't true, but Mere cuts her off because rationally she already knows that. We've all been there, where the rational part of our brain loses the fight against the emotional and there's nothing we can do about it. Because Cristina is awesome, she just nods and they watch the babies for a little while. She then tells Mere she's off to have an uncomfortable conversation with Callie. Mere can one-up her there, since she now has to go call Oliver's family to tell them that he's never going to be taking his son to a basketball game again. This is the seriously sucktastic part of being a doctor. Cristina wipes some blood off of Mere's neck that was still there from the surgery and Mere whispers thank you, which is obviously more for the godmother thing than the clean-up. Cristina answers, "You're welcome."

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