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When Meredith heads back out Cristina wants to talk about the godmother thing but Mere just has her look at Oliver's EKG results, which seem normal. Alex walks up to the desk and though he's supposed to have the night off, Meredith tries to put him to work. He flat-out refuses and explains that he's just there because if he doesn't take care of all of his unsigned charts he's going to have his privileges suspended. The week prior he told a patient that he didn't have cancer and the guy was so happy he gave him two tickets for floor seats to the very same basketball game Oliver is planning to attend. Meredith and Cristina are both fairly appalled to hear that he took a gift from a patient but he ignores them, and Cristina gets paged for surgery. A man comes up to ask about an update on his 4-year-old named Nathan, who needs a cast on his leg. Mere realizes that their doctor hasn't been to talk to them so she has to explain how, because the boy has a broken femur, he'll need a cast on the broken leg attached to a cast on his good leg to keep everything stable so it can heal. As if this wasn't enough, Nathan is so young that he has to be put under to do so, and therefore they need to do the procedure in an OR but all are currently full. Meredith assures him that as soon as one is available she'll let him know and while he's visibly overwhelmed, he thanks her. She then turns to Alex and begs him to stay and help, but Alex has eyes only for his floor seats.

Meanwhile, Eli seems to have offered Bailey some kind of indecent proposal, because she's as giggly as a schoolgirl as she assures him that while lots of people in the hospital take part in what he's suggesting, she isn't one of them. He and his dimples just smile seductively at her and tell her to consider whatever it is, adding that he's sure it would be exciting and "toe-curling." It's obvious that it's some form of the horizontal mambo but the question is what circumstances have caused Bailey to very weakly attempt to decline. Meredith walks by and she tries to compose herself but once she passes, Bailey whacks him with a paper in that flirt-fighting way we girls have.

Lexie is giving her patient Mitch a prescription for migraine meds before she releases him. (Fun factoid: Mitch is played by Jeffrey Doornbos who used to be a Blue Man with Blue Man Group in New York. Somewhere, Tobias F√ľnke is filled with jealous awe.) His girlfriend, Gia, proves she's every bit the bitch Lexie had mentioned earlier by giving Mitch a guilt trip that they're missing their anniversary dinner just because he had a headache. She reminds him that it was really hard to get reservations, but Mitch seems more annoyed than guilty and tells her he's sorry but his head really hurts. Lexie, meanwhile, is trying not to stare at the woman though she's obviously judging her harshly.

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