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Meredith pulls back a curtain to greet her next patient and is shocked to see that it's none other than Adele Webber holding her wrist. She tries to tell Meredith it's not a big deal but that when she got home from work she slipped off of a stepladder and landed on her wrist. Despite what she says she can't move without wincing, and Meredith doesn't agree when Adele assures her that she can wait while Mere sees more pressing patients. Mere replies that as the Chief's wife Adele herself is her most pressing patient but Adele looks over Meredith's shoulder and asks, "Are you sure about that?" Meredith turns to see two incredibly drunk guys walk in, arguing with each other. One of them then turns to face the room and asks if anyone can do something about "this." "This" being a giant knife buried up to the handle in his skull, just over his ear.

So it turns out that Adele was right that a dude with a knife in his skull takes precedence over even the Chief's wife. Derek's in brain surgery but Mere goes in to tell him what's up and to ask for him to consult when he's done. Avery's pretty stoked at the idea of a human knife block but tries to act concerned when Derek and Meredith glare at him for his callous cry of joy, and Derek sends him off to get a CT. He then reminds Meredith that they have a date at 6:30. He might want to close up the dude's head in front of him, then, since it's 6:13 according to the OR clock.

As they walk, Mere explains to Avery that the knife block, Stewart, was in a brawl at a tailgate party, which I imagine is for the same game everyone else is all excited about. As Avery takes off Meredith calls after Bailey, who is about to enter the on-call room. Bailey freaks out and yells that she's about to take a nap, and she goes maniacally into so much detail about how she's merely going to sleep that it's obvious that Eli's suggestion was that they hook up there. I know he really wants to do it but I'm not sure Eli understands truly how big moment this is for Bailey, who considers it a point of pride that she's never stooped to the level of getting busy in the hospital. Mere's completely baffled by Bailey's babbling, especially when she starts shaking her head strangely -- a sign for Eli, who had just rounded the corner for their rendezvous. All Meredith wanted to know was if Bailey had seen Teddy -- which she hadn't -- but Mere spots Teddy herself and takes off. Eli then finally walks up and makes a great show of yawning before holding the door open for Bailey and following her inside.

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