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Mere wants Teddy to do a quick consult and she only grudgingly agrees, as she was supposed to be off work at 6:00. She looks downstairs and sees a good-looking guy in a sports coat and curses that he's early before asking Meredith for a moment and jogging downstairs.

Sport coat's name is William and he's there to take Teddy out on a date. She's embarrassed to still be in scrubs but William actually loves it and assures her that he has no problem waiting while she wraps some things up. So of course, what should happen next? Henry shows up at the hospital for an unexpected test of some sort. Teddy tries to stay cool and Henry quickly realizes what's going on as he's introduced to William. William asks if he's a patient of Teddy's and Henry actually plays along, answering that he's "something like that." Teddy seems grateful to be able to escape to her consult, though this leaves the two guys to hang out in the waiting area as Henry has to wait an hour for his test. It's a testament to Henry's awesomeness that he realizes what's up and plays along seamlessly, but Teddy is still freaked out.

Teddy takes a look at Oliver's films and Meredith points out that something on the x-ray seems not quite right. Teddy has Meredith order some labs and says that she'll see Oliver but she wants to make it fast so she can go on her date with hot William.

Alex is at the desk with his giant stack of charts, and he calls after April to ask if she'll forge his name on some of them. April is disgusted by his question and she lectures him on the immorality of forgery. As she storms away Lucy walks in and, having overheard, claims to not be surprised that Alex would stoop to forgery. He doesn't argue with her since his only concern is getting to the game, and on hearing that her ears perk right up. She explains that this is the Pac-10 title game and that if UW wins they'll get an automatic bid to March Madness. Hmm, I wonder if the show paid for that name drop, since that term is trademarked and that's why you see all sorts of advertising for "March Mayhem" parties and the like. Also, while I appreciate that they are showing that she knows and loves basketball everyone knows that conference championship games aren't played in February! Regardless, Lucy grabs the charts since she has time to kill and thinks it's important that he get to the game. Alex is shocked and points out that he thought she thought he was a loser, but she admits she thinks he's less of a loser now that she knows he likes college basketball. She then sneaks a look at him and grins to herself.

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