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Cristina is back since her surgery was postponed, but she's stoked that she now gets to get to see the sideshow that is Stewart and his knife. As she and Mere ride the elevator Mere declares that being a godparent to Callie's baby is a bad idea and she thinks Cristina doesn't want to do it. "I don't?" Cristina asks, so Mere explains that three people have to die before she can step up and fulfill her duties for this baby while if it's Mere's baby, just she and Derek need to bite it for Cristina to take over. Even with her twisted sensibilities, Cristina's totally disturbed by this line of thinking even though Mere just chattily explains, "One wrong turn down a dark and twisty road and BOOM, you're in." No matter how well-adjusted Mere has become, there's still going to be that dark and twisty place inside her, it seems. Cristina tells Mere that either way, she only ever intends to be a godparent in name only -- this is why boarding schools exist. They then make their way to the window to watch the farce currently taking place in Stewart's room.

Stewart and Dave are enjoying beers but when Lexie and Avery walk in she disgustedly grabs them away from both of them. Cristina goes to join them as Oliver is rolled by, and Meredith goes to speak to him. He pleads with her a little to try and get out of the tests but she tells him they have to do it, and promises to make it as fast as possible. As he's wheeled on, she hears Richard yell her name and he sounds the very opposite of pleased.

He's bent out of shape on account of the fact that he learned Adele was in the hospital from a scrub nurse asking how she was doing, rather than from Meredith. Adele is behind him, rolling her eyes at his theatrics, and she tries to quiet him and tells him that Meredith hadn't even had a chance to examine her yet. Richard asks warily if this is true and Adele just continues on by explaining that when he gets worried, he gets gruff. She then once again explains that she hurt her wrist by falling off of a stepstool, but this time adds that she had been reaching for the holiday decorations. Neither Richard or Mere mentions that this is a bit strange, given that it's the middle of February and unless she likes to decorate the house with top hats, glorious beards and festive curled wigs for Presidents' Day, there isn't really a decorating holiday coming up anytime soon. Meredith's face is extremely serious as she assures Richard that she ordered and x-ray and an ortho consult, and that she'll call and make sure it's coming soon. How would she have ordered those things already if she hadn't yet examined Adele? I'm not sure, but Richard doesn't mention it and they are interrupted by a chorus of screams which Mere leaves to investigate.

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