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The screams, of course, came from Stewart's room and were from all of the gathered doctors -- Stewart had been showing off how when he moved his eyebrows, he could make the knife in his head move too. He does it again to show Mere and the docs all holler at him to stop moving. Dave then pipes up to brag that the fight was awesome since Stewart kicked a guy's ass. I think that guy had the last laugh burying a knife in Stewart's melon, but then again maybe not -- Cristina asks him math questions and while he doesn't get anything correct except for the simplest one, he points out that he missed those because he's drunk, not because he's got brain issues. Amazed, Cristina agrees that his mental status is totally intact, as if there was no damage at all. Dave wants to just pull the knife out so that they can get to the game, and then he pulls another beer out of his pants to keep the party going. Lexie shrieks and grabs it away but he just finds another one. He's like a clown car with the way he continues making bottles appear as if from nowhere.

Meredith goes over to Tyler to review the status of all of their patients and then asks to see the charts of everyone who was recently discharged. The first one she looks at belongs to Mitch, Lexie's migraine patient with the awful girlfriend, and Meredith freaks out over what she sees and runs out to the parking lot to see if she can still catch him.

He's not moving terribly fast and so she gets to him before he's gotten into his car. Immediately she asks him to smile, and after a moment of struggling he's only able to lift one side of his mouth. She then asks him to lift his arms, but he can only lift one. Gia's more ticked off than worried at all this commotion but when Tyler runs out, Meredith tells him they have a code somethingbad and orders him to get a stretcher. She asks Mitch to repeat a simple sentence and he can't really form the words, which causes Gia to finally start worrying about something other than her ruined evening. Mere orders the woman to help her lower Mitch to the ground and as she shoots orders to Gia she informs her that Mitch is currently having a stroke.

Once they have him inside, Mere tells some random doc that his symptoms started 20 minutes ago so they are well within the "golden hour." Gia, meanwhile, is on the phone and is more upset that Mitch could have been driving her when this happened than she is about him having a stroke in the first place. Amazingly, though, this isn't her most self-centered thought of the hour. She outdoes herself when Meredith comes over and explains that since they caught this early they think he'll be eligible for a particular stroke medicine that should fix him up. Gia asks her how he's doing on a scale of 1-10, but defines 10 as needing to cancel their upcoming Aspen trip. Mere replies, very slowly as if Gia's mental capacity is, well, a little bit smaller than the rest of ours, that she should cancel the trip. Gia then gets back on the phone and begins to tell her friend what's up, all put out. While I'm sure a girl this idiotic would have idiotic friends, I'm still shocked that whoever is on the other end of the phone hasn't told her to get a grip yet.

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