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Teddy has changed for her date and is looking hot and Amazonian in tall black heels as she walks up to William and Henry, who have been visiting all this time. William is impressed to learn that Henry played professional baseball for a short while, and Teddy grins and grits her teeth as she admits she didn't know that about him. Henry starts to send them off on their date but Meredith runs up to show Teddy Oliver's scans, which have something on there bad enough for Teddy to again have to postpone dinner. She offers to reschedule but William assures her that she's saving lives, and the least he can do is take her to dinner when she's done. William reminds me of a hot Ed Helms so I kept expecting him to suddenly be wacky, but he's just extremely earnest and in awe of Teddy. He sits back down with Henry while Teddy tells Mere to get a CT. They hear giggling from somewhere as they walk down the hall; I thought at first that these were delighted squeals coming from the on-call room but they are actually coming from Lucy, who seems to be having a ball helping Alex with his charts.

Mere goes back in to Oliver's room and dashes his hopes that he might still make it to the game on time. As she's explaining that he's going to need a CT his phone rings and of course his ringer is the sound of an organ playing at a sporting event while the crowd cheers, so that Mere can really be reminded that this will keep him from taking his son to the promised event on time. Oliver is sad but covers as he answers the phone and assures his son that Daddy will be fine.

Back at the circus that is Stewart's room, Owen, Avery, Lexie and Mere are just outside looking at his x-rays and marveling at how the knife seemed to not hit any brain matter. They agree to wait for Derek to make a decision about how to remove it, but Dave and Stewart have other plans. The doctors are too busy staring at the films to notice that Dave has his hands on the knife, and after a countdown, he pulls it out. Awesomely, Stewart just shakes it off, and Dave goes to the window and taps it with the knife, asking if they can go to the game now. Behind him, Stewart gives an enthusiastic thumbs up to the dumbfounded docs.

As the second half of the episode begins we're given another shot of the clock showing that it's just after 6:30. Meredith and the others are checking out Stewart, who seems to be none the worse for wear after having a six-inch blade pulled out of his skull. Dave is playing with the knife and Lexie grabs it away from him, continuing her role as angry mom/fun killer. Dave glares at her appropriately. Derek comes in to check him out, but Meredith hears Nathan cry and runs over to see what's going on.

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