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She runs to his bedside and promises it will be okay and she'll get him more pain meds, and his mom assures him it will only be a little while longer. She then asks Mere if this is actually true, and Mere passes the buck to Tyler by demanding to know the status of the OR. She has him call again and make sure the team is ready to go. Derek then comes out of the room and after they briefly talk about how Stewart just might be the luckiest man alive, Derek reminds her that she's late for their date. Mere insists she can't leave but Derek realizes she's just waiting on a whole bunch of things right now and she finally agrees she has one minute she can give him. He assures her that's all he needs. Derek... is that something you really want to admit?

Meredith giggles as he pulls her down the hall to the on-call room. Derek is the first one in and opens the door to the two of them in quite the compromising position, and Bailey lets out a scream. I have to imagine as soon as he shut the door she also then hit Eli with a pillow and started telling him, "I told you so," until he managed to turn the subject back to his hot body currently intertwined with hers. Derek tells Mere the room is occupied and then adds, "Never ask me what I might have seen or might not have seen in there." He's actually really cute as he says it and I find myself having strange and uncomfortable feelings of finding him charming for the first time in several seasons.

Some wacky music kicks in just to insure that we realize hijinks are afoot. They get into the elevator and Derek tells her they're doing "it" right here, pulls the emergency stop, and instructs her to drop her pants. Seriously, they had me. I thought he wanted to have another go at making a baby and he really figured he only needed one minute. She protests mightily but finally agrees to it, and he reaches into his pants and pulls out... a syringe full of fertility medication? The elevator has always been a special place for these two and now it's the place where Derek literally jabs Meredith in hopes of making a baby. He then tells her that he can't wait to meet their future fictitious baby, sets the elevator to go again, and then hops off at the next floor.

As Meredith leans back to let the hormones permeate her hostile womb, Alex and Lucy get on the elevator and she points out that she just helped insure he will make it to the game on time, so isn't he going to invite her along? Alex lets his guard down and decides to drop Avery like a hot potato in favor of taking Lucy. However, Lucy seems to be acting bitchy to try and cover up her own budding feelings for Alex and informs him she's not available, but she just wanted to see if she could get him to ask. She then gets saunters off the elevator and Meredith watches Alex turn pink, then try to cover up his embarrassment with a look of disgust.

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