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Arizona rushes into the ER where Andy is back and grimacing with pain and fever. Pam tells her that he was throwing up all night, and orders her not to try and call these growing pains.

Clara, meanwhile, is trying to move her fingers while Lexie and Hunt watch her. Nothing happens and she gives up, frustrated, but Lexie tries to cheer her on and tell her she's doing great. Clara clearly doesn't believe this, and instead has Lexie send another email to her mother. While Hunt watches, Clara dictates one about how great the Grand Canyon is. Hunt, being one of the more professional doctors in this hospital, jumps in to say that he thinks her mom would want to know what's up and help her daughter, but Clara thinks otherwise. Her mom would always say that she made Clara "from scratch," and would use that to discourage her doing the crazy things she wanted to do, like skydiving. She then turns and defiantly dictates the last of her cheery, fake email and Hunt leaves, but clearly he has reservations about all this.

Callie goes into Richard's office and visibly gathers up her courage before asking about her application to be an Attending. He nonchalantly tells her that Dr. Chang's 401K took a dive and he's now putting off retirement. When Callie expresses her surprise, Richard continues his self-centered reign of wimpiness and tells her that he assumed she'd heard. It's too much for Callie and she starts getting feisty, informing Richard that Chang is a figurehead and that when people want the best they page her. She steps too far, however, when she calls Chang a dinosaur and Richard yells back, "And so am I!" Callie just chuckles that he's going to regret this and as he tries to stop her she yells that she's excellent and any other hospital would be glad to have her.

Of course this is taking place while Derek and Jennings are meeting just outside the office -- because they are planning the least secretive coup of all time. Derek tries to push him off some more but Jennings is done with that game and says he'll offer more money but not more time. Both men turn as Callie storms out of the office asserting, "I'm a superstar with a scalpel!" She continues to rant about her surgical prowess and tells Richard (and everyone within a two-story range) that when she wins all sorts of medical prizes, "You will rue this day, Chief Webber. That's right! I said rue." As Derek and Jennings watch, she swaggers off and Jennings makes a snide comment about the tight ship Richard is running. Behind him, Derek gives the Chief an I Told You So Eyebrow.

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