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Bye, George

Callie storms to the elevator and gets in next to Bailey. As Bailey stands there looking numb, Callie breaks down in sobs. Bailey can't muster up anything, though, and just averts her dead gaze to the floor.

Day 11. Mere is surprised to see that her next patient is Amanda, who can't sleep. Tearily, she explains that she can't sleep because she keeps seeing George's face, and she also keeps seeing him at bus stops, first as he looked before and then as he looked after. She's clearly there for therapy more than anything else but has no idea that she came to the very worst person for that kind of response. Mere's clearly shaken and her defense is to ignore everything that Amanda asked, merely telling her she's writing a prescription for anti-anxiety meds as sleep deprivation can be harmful. Amanda just looks disappointed.

Alex is helping Andy get into the MRI machine when the Chief storms into the next room and demands to know if Arizona ordered this 3D MRI. Always perky, she explains that she did since with their insurance and all of the red tape it would have taken weeks... he cuts her right off and angrily finishes that she expects the hospital to pay for it. She is dumbstruck, having apparently not been around long enough to experience one of his temper tantrums to cover up his ineptitude at something, and before she can finish he orders her to discharge the patient and refer him back to his regular doctor, post-haste. Deflated, she pages Alex in the room to tell him there's a change of plans.

Day 13. Mark is pounding on Callie's apartment door but she's not answering, giving him time to ogle the place across the hall where workmen and cleaning up an empty apartment. After some more pounding she finally comes out and is a complete mess, sobbing about how George was hit by a bus and killed, and now she has to find a new job and never see her friends anymore. Wow, so I guess she did just walk out that day she met with Richard -- I feel like we see heated confrontations like these so often, that in the real world would amount to someone no longer working there, but generally all these characters then just pick right up again like nothing happened. At the end of her list of Bad Things, she adds, "And Arizona keeps brining me doooooonuuuuuuts." I want someone to bring ME a donut. But that's because I'm a baby with a cold, and not thankfully because my ex was run over by a bus. She falls into Mark's arms and he soothes her, but also manages to move her over a bit so that he can look back into the apartment (or condo, it seems) and ask if it's for sale. Callie's confused so he assures her it's nothing but keeps looking inside.

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