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Bye, George

Alex and Izzie arrive back at Mere's house and walk in the front door to the sounds of giggling. Immediately they both exclaim and cover their eyes, and we are treated to Meredith's naked legs running upstairs while Derek grabs a tiny button-down shirt and pulls it around his waist. Meredith calls to leave them alone as they are newlyweds, which Izzie disputes on account of the post-it. Derek tells them they are newlyweds too and as he holds the shirt with one hand the other tosses them a set of keys. They are, in fact, the keys to his trailer: "Your new home. Enjoy." Alex and Izzie shrug at each other, but seem happy for this turn of events.

Mrs. O'Malley is back at the hospital and finds Hunt and introduces herself. He's very nice and tells her how sorry she is; she's extremely nervous and continues to say she hopes he doesn't mind her coming down here with how busy she is. He assures her that it's okay. Man, I missed having weekly Hot Army Major in my life. I've been able to get some Hot Army Major over the past couple of months, but I appreciate this good weekly dose. Mrs. O is having trouble asking her question, on account of her being upset and I think also genuinely confused. She finally tells Hunt that the George she knew and raised would never have joined the Army, so she's trying to understand what happened and how it came to be that he was headed to her house that fateful day to tell her he joined the Army in wartime. Richard directed her to Hunt for the answer to that question, and here she is. He sighs and collects his thoughts before answering. He tells her that while he didn't know George long, he had tons of potential as a trauma surgeon since he could think and act at the same time, on his feet, and how he also wanted to be better and save more life. "He was good. And he was thoughtful and generous." He tells her that in the end he was also heroic and noble, and that Hunt liked him very much and he gave his mother reason to be very proud. She wells up but seems to accept it. It's sad to see too how in some ways Hunt knew George better than even his friends, as he allowed George to have potential that everyone else seemed to brush off.

Lexie sees the two of them talking and walks quickly past to say goodnight to Clara before going home. Clara is clearly depressed, and when she says goodnight lifts a couple of fingers in a wave. Lexie is astounded and thrilled, but this makes Clara even more upset because she can't believe that this is the best she can now hope for in her life to come. Lexie puts down her purse to talk to the girl and is clearly not in the mood to deal with it. She points out Mrs. O and tells Clara about how her son just died after an accident not even as bad as hers. She points out that even if it doesn't feel like it, it's a miracle that she lived and she should also call her mom. Clara is incensed and calls Lexie a stupid bitch who doesn't get anything. "You should have let me die." She accuses the doctors of playing God and keeping her alive when she lost a leg and has one working hand. (Well, finger, but let's not point that out just now.) She then shouts that George and his mom are both better off and if this is a miracle, who wants to live? She begins to shriek, "Let me die!" over and over while thrashing about the bed and aggravating her wounds. As she starts to bleed through her bandages, Hunt runs in to help while outside, a stone Bailey just stares, disaffected, at the commotion.

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