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Bye, George

Amanda, the girl who George pushed out of the way of the bus, walks up to Lexie and Mark and asks them who George is. They're kind of confused until Amanda says that she's heard a bunch of folks saying, "John Doe is George," and crying. They don't give her an answer, though, as they both immediately run to the OR.

Alex tells Mere and Cristina that they can't tell Izzie what happened as she just technically died in his arms a moment ago, but he promises to tell her when she is stronger. He seems fairly sincere, but this is TV, so most likely he'll keep holding off forever until she finds out on her own. Cristina and Mere just agree for now, though Meredith looks more skeptical about the plan than Cristina, surprisingly. Izzie calls Alex and we're bludgeoned with a close-up of the post-it that says, "George joined the Army," just in case we forgot. Iz tells Alex that she had a dream where she saw George in his uniform, and that he's going to die if he joins the Army. She asks for her phone and Alex hands it to her, kind of stunned, but still he says nothing.

Mark and Lex run into the scrub room to find Bailey and Callie, and they all watch as Derek closes him up and someone pulls back the sheet and takes off George's socks. Lexie demands to know why they think it's George, and Callie can only mumble that Meredith told them. Still in stage #1 herself, Lexie takes a look and declares that those legs and feet belong to someone too tall to be George. She announces that it's not him, while Callie and Bailey stare closely and weigh if this might in fact be true. Unfortunately, you can sense some hope through the grief, which I think we all know isn't going to last for very long.

Mere is facing an inquisition from her colleagues, all of whom are being extra harsh because they don't want her to be right. She wearily defends that George wrote in her hand so Bailey grabs said hand and quickly writes something, then when Meredith guesses wrong about what she wrote, everyone continues to berate her. Seriously folks, a patient writing in someone's hand isn't unusual -- my grandfather has done it -- and I think it has even happened on this SHOW. Don't act like it's a new concept just to make this more dramatic. Everyone then tries calling him but of course only get voicemail. After Mere says, basically to herself, that she could have sworn it was him, Callie recalls that he has a freckle that looks like Texas on his hand and she goes to check and see if John Doe has it too. She's by far the most wrecked looking of everyone, and floats into his room in a haze. Everyone watches through the window as she goes in, looks at his hand, and then visibly deflates before breaking down in sobs. Bailey looks wooden, like she's become a husk of a person. Everyone's pagers start going off but no one even responds, even after the Chief orders them to answer. He then reminds them that George jumped in front of a bus to save someone's life, so the least they can do is answer their pages and take care of the lives that can still be saved. Even this doesn't really do much, but once Hunt turns to go everyone starts to shuffle off, many crying. Bailey and Richard remain, watching Callie cry over her ex-husband and Richard whispers to himself, "Dammit, O'Malley."

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