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Bye, George

Callie finds Arizona checking out Andy and Arizona steps aside to tell Callie how sorry she is, and to suggest she go home to scream and cry. She adds that when her brother died, she ate a lot of donuts. What Arizona doesn't notice but Pam certainly does is that Stinky Two is shaking like a leaf and (thankfully, really) hesitating each time he goes to put an IV in Andy's arm. Callie explains about the organ decision and laments that she can't say no but she also can't make the decision as they were only married a few months. Dudes, from watching the show we can all guess that George would want his organs donated. I get the dramatic value of this storyline but the idea that no one would have any idea what he wanted seems ludicrous. Arizona tells Callie that during those months they were married, she was the most important person in George's life, but Callie hears this and realizes that she actually wasn't, turns and leaves. Arizona is confused but turns back to her patient and Pam immediately asks her if she should take her son somewhere else, on account of the shaky intern, the crying nurses, and all of the other general weirdness. Arizona explains that there was an accident, "And one of our people died." Pam looks back at the stark terror on Stinky's face as the stands with the needle over Andy's arm and explains that Andy is her person, her only person, and so she needs to know if she should go elsewhere. Arizona tells her firmly that she will make Andy her person, too.

Alex isn't going to change who he is just because George died, and he's adamant that Izzie isn't strong enough to be told what happened yet. Callie asks for Izzie's medical technical whoozybub levels and when Alex reluctantly gives them, she declares Izzie is in fact strong enough. On the other side of the window, Izzie is on the phone, presumably trying to call George. When Alex repeats that it can wait Callie spits that it can't, on account of his organs not being viable for long, and she needs Izzie's help deciding what to do. She then goes at him from another direction -- less important to her, but more important to Alex: she reminds him that if they unplug George before Izzie has a chance to say goodbye, she'll never forgive Alex for it. His face is stony but she's clearly gotten to him.

A team of docs including Hunt, Mark and Cristina are working on the armless girl and Mark announces that he can reattach them, which makes her friends Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum happy -- again, the kind of happy reaction one would have at finding a $20 on the street, rather than the relief that their friend might have use of her extremities again. Jasmine actually reminds them that she found the arms, as if she might get a reward. Cristina asks them if their friend has any allergies or whatnot and Jasmine quickly clarifies, "She's not our friend." Jojo admonishes her but then they explain that they met her on the plane from Sydney and were just traveling buddies. Her name is Clara and she lives in London with her mom, and the one good thing they can offer is that Clara's backpack is in Jojo's car. Cristina orders her to get it and when they ask, tells them they should stay and she will come give them an update later.

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