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Bye, George

Cristina heads out to the waiting room but instead of Tweedles Dee and Dum, she finds Lexie carrying Clara's backpack. Dee and Dum left to catch a plane to Vegas so they wouldn't miss a concert. Cristina is aghast and takes it out on Lexie, yelling about the dozens of surgeries Clara will need if she survives the one right now, and how she needs a support system. Taking only a second to think, she assigns the job of support system to a shocked Lexie, who asks if Cristina really just ordered her to be Clara's friend. Cristina talks about what it's going to be like for Clara to wake up from surgery and confirms that indeed, that's exactly what she ordered, "Because I'm sure as hell not going to do it." That's our girl. Cristina then looks down the hall and sees Mere, Alex, Izzie and George's bed heading in a grim procession to the OR. Mere sees her and makes eye contact, but Cristina just flees back to Clara's surgery.

In a very quiet operating room, the Chief and Bailey wait as another doctor announces that they are recovering George's organs and asks for the receiving doctors each to speak. First up is someone from a children's hospital in Boise, and they'll be taking the kidneys. In her best "don't mess with me" voice, Bailey demands to know who it is for. The doctor is a little put out as she gave the info already (I guess no one briefed them on why all of the doctors involved would be especially on edge today) but Bailey orders her to tell them. His kidneys are going to a Molly Kemper, who is eight years old. Bailey nods as if she's deemed this worthy, and moves on to the next. His lungs and heart are going to a 22-year-old woman with cystic fibrosis. Shakily, she moves down the line.

Day 7 Post-George. Hunt and Cristina are making out like teenagers in the on-call room when she ups the age comparison a little bit by ripping off her lab coat to reveal black lacy lingerie underneath. (I'm sure there are teenagers wearing that kind of thing, I just don't want to think about it, because somewhere along the line I became a full-fledged grownup -- and I also want those dang kids to get off my lawn!) He calls her evil and reminds her that she knows the rules, but she declares the rules stupid. He asks if she thinks his shrink is stupid and she thinks a moment before calling her a prude and "misguided." They continue to make out while he protests that Dr. Amy wants him to keep getting into himself and not burying himself in Cristina, which he'll do if they have sex. Seriously? She goes for the very easy comeback and tells him seductively that he's now the evil one. He tells her it won't be much longer and asks if she wants him to quit therapy; after making a face she admits she doesn't. He gets up to get ready for the funeral but she declares that she's not going and that they can move up ceviche's surgery. He's confused until she explains, "Chopped up fish!" Oh, poor Clara. He tells her she's sick and orders her to go to the funeral.

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