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Bye, George

Lexie is cleaned up and in a black dress, reading a postcard that the Tweedles sent from Burning Man. Clara's pretty put out by it as they didn't even know what Burning Man was before they met her, and she begins to cry as she says she hates them. Lexie, doing her job as friend well, rips up the postcard and orders her to forget them. Today is her final somethingorother surgery and after that the physical therapist will come in to help her move her arm, so Lexie saves one piece of the postcard for Clara to rip up once she can't. She then asks Clara (clearly not for the first time) if she wants Lexie to call her mom before the next surgery. Clara doesn't, but has Lexie write her an email. Clara dictates a totally fabricated message about how amazing Burning Man was, and although Lexie furrows her dainty brow, she goes along with it.

And it's time for George's funeral. Mrs. O'Malley looks like she's not stopped crying for the past week, but keeps herself contained as the Priest reads Ecclesiastes 3. (Or, for those of you less familiar, "Turn Turn Turn" by The Byrds.) Amanda is there, and her sobs are quite noticeable given how quiet everyone else is. Bailey just looks mad. Izzie throws her hand over her face, seeming to break down, and then runs off with Meredith, Cristina and Alex in pursuit.

They find Izzie sitting against... I guess it's a crypt? I'm not that familiar with cemeteries. Her face is in her hands and her shoulders are shaking but when Cristina and Alex sit beside her, she lifts her head and shows that she's been laughing the whole time. (Mere is standing facing them and I know it's because Ellen Pompeo was uber-pregnant at this point but I have to say that the show has done quite a good job of covering it up without being silly and obvious about it.) Everyone is aghast at the laughter -- I know this kind of thing happens, and emotions come out inappropriately at times like these, but because it's Izzie who can be so inappropriate all the time anyway, it just totally rubs me the wrong way. She laughs as she points out that George is dead, and the Priest is reciting rock lyrics, and Amanda is crying harder than even George's mom. Cristina's rather proud at how twisted Izzie is, and they all start laughing and hollering about how everyone got married, and Izzie got cancer, and George got hit by a bus. Eventually the adrenaline dies down and they all get quiet, but when Amanda walks past, still sobbing, Izzie points at her and they all start laughing again.

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