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Bye, George

A reception afterward takes place at Joe's bar, as quiet and somber as we've ever seen it. Derek approaches the Chief, who is acting as much like a bratty child as before and tells Derek he doesn't want to do this now. Derek reminds him that it's been a week, and over Richard's protests reminds him that he's buying the Chief time. Richard comes back vehemently defending the work he's done for the hospital and Derek has to remind him that he's on his side. Richard doesn't seem to hear this important fact, and tells Derek to back off and give him more time. He then reminds Derek that George was his intern and he's trying to take a minute, which while true, sounds again like an excuse. Derek finally just nods and leaves. What a nice thanks from the man he's trying to help.

Lexie is back at the hospital and sits in her dress in front of George's locker. Mark comes in and she explains that she was going to clear out George's stuff to give to his mom. She tells Mark she realizes she was a bad friend for moving out and not talking to him any more just because he didn't like her the way she liked him. Mark tells her he knows what he's about to say is bad timing but he has to ask, "What did that guy have?" Hee! It's funny because it's true -- I'm sure Mark has been dying to ask this for years. He points out that George had Lexie, Izzie and Callie (and he doesn't seem to even know about the Mere of it all too) and asks if George was hung. She shakes her head in disgust and can't even form words, and he repeats that he knows it was bad timing. He goes on and she starts giggling, but that's all the release she needs and she then begins to cry, so Mark pulls her into his arms. If I ever have to cry, I want arms like those around me -- mm-mmmm.

Day 10. Bailey is examining Izzie and after confirming she has no pain or dizziness, tells her that she's finally going home. She'll be back in 12 days for more IL2 and a scan two weeks after that, but won't have to live in the hospital. She congratulates her former charge by telling her she's still a cancer patient, but no longer a surgical patient. Izzie grabs her in a grateful hug, but Bailey just looks over her shoulder and holds her arms ahead, uncomfortable, not returning anything. Izzie seems to realize that wasn't quite right but just thanks her sincerely for everything she's done. Bailey clearly can't take it, and responds by telling Izzie to remember to sign a particular form, and then she flees the room.

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