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We've now reached Day 20 Post-George. Mere tells us, "The dictionary defines grief as 'keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss.'" Mere walks into the hospital, wearing what I think might be the shirt Derek used to preserve his modesty back on Day 13. As she texts she notices Amanda sitting on a bench outside, and gives her a bit of a condescending look as she texts and walks by. "Sharp sorrow. Painful regret.

"As surgeons, as scientists, we're taught to learn from and rely on books. On definitions. On definitives." Lexie is reading in Clara's room while the girl sleeps, now in big black arm braces as opposed to the shoulder-to-wrist bandages of the previous episode.

"But in life, strict definitions rarely apply. In life, grief can look like a lot of things that bear little resemblance to sharp sorrow." Hunt and Cristina are lying on a bed in the on-call room, fully clothed, just staring into each others faces.

Day 21. Lexie reads to Clara from an "I [Heart] NY" postcard that she's not missing much. "New York smells like pee." Maybe try a different neighborhood, ladies? Clara replies again that she hates them, and grimaces as she talks. Lexie tells her that some test results (presumably about her pain) will be back soon but Clara insists she's fine and also that Lexie can go home and take a break from her round-the-clock suicide watch as Clara is better now. She then points out that she thinks Lexie is just hanging there to avoid moving in with Mark, and says that if Lex moves in with him, she'll let Lexie call her mom. Lexie can't reply to the offer, though, as Bailey comes in to let Clara know that she has an infection in her small bowel and an inflamed colon, and that an abscess has formed and she needs surgery right away. Clara's good mood evaporates and she absolutely refuses to have any more surgery. Bailey stalls for time and says she'll be back in a little while to discuss, but quietly tells Cristina to start her on antibiotics and book an OR.

Once Bailey is gone, Clara asks Lexie and Cristina about her options. As Cristina sees it, it's simple -- she needs surgery to fix this, and as long as everything goes as planned it's simple. Clara pulls out one of the most effective comebacks we've seen in a while, reminding Cristina that her boat ride didn't go as planned, and she wants the worst case. Honestly, I think if she'd asked for a worst-case scenario before she went boating they could give her death, but I don't know that they'd even think to warn her that the propeller might chop off her arms. That's just freakishly rotten luck. Cristina gives her the worst case of this surgery: they would take out part of her colon and give her a colostomy bag. Clara flips out on account of her grandpa having a "poo bag" and yells that she won't have the same. Lexie points out that the infection will kill her but it's not enough to dissuade the girl and she again refuses the surgery.

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